Danger's Dream

Danger's Dream

This is actually a roleplay, but I think it's got an awesome plot and good characters. So, Imma post it up here.
This roleplay is NOT mine. All rights to the plot and idea go to Aoife.
Not all of the characters belong to me either. All rights go to their owners.
WARNING: Contains violence and mild swearing.

Chapter 7

Day Five of the Roleplay Continued

..."Cuts don't hurt in dreams," Myra pointed out, referring to her earlier question ro Ren. "And I bet if I punched you in the face," she pointed at Kayden and stuck her tongue out. "It'd hurt."
Kayden was taken aback. "Hey!" He laughed. Reaching over, he pinched Myra’s arm.
Ren resisted the urge to laugh. "Well... Maybe it's a special kind of dream?" she suggested unhelpfully.
Myra shoved at Kayden's shoulder. "I don't think that matters. One way or another, it's obvious we aren't in the prison. And Ren's soaking. So we need to find a sheltered place and get her dried off."
Kayden laughed quietly. "Okay." He agreed.
Jem turned to Myra. "Okay, so where exactly do we go now?"
"I suggest away from that pond, lake, whatever, that Ren fell into," Myra said in a bluntly teasing tone.
Jem rolled his eyes and said, "Wow, brilliant idea kid, I thought we should probably all go for a quick swim and dry off in there." He laughed quietly, more to himself than anyone else.
"Well, you're the idiot who got yourself landed in jail," Myra pointed out, probably a bit harsher than needed.
That shut Jem up. He crossed his arms and looked into the water, stony-faced.
Ren shakily stood up. "Can we get somewhere that at least has light..." she said, shivering at the thought of being alone in the dark again.
Myra immedatly felt sorry. She watched Jem quietly. "Sure, Ren. I guess that means away from the forest then."
Ren looked around her. She shivered. “I think it's more of a jungle....you know, like from the lion king...."
Myra snorted quietly. "Way to kill the mood." She gently took Ren's wrist and began leading her away from the jungle-foresty-thing. Myra couldn't help but hum "The Circle of Life".
Jem walked behind. He knew Myra was probably right, it HAD been his fault he was in jail. And, in a round-a-bout sort of way, maybe he HAD been the one who killed Chaz... He sighed. Dammit, it was his fault after all. His eyes grew darker. Stupid little boy, he thought to himself. You stupid, stupid little boy.
Myra froze. Wait, does that mean everyone from the jail is out here? ...Ethan?
Ren put a hand on Myra's shoulder when she froze. "Are you okay?" she asked, concerned.
"Yeah," Myra said slowly. "I'm fine. Sorry."
Ren tucked a strand of wet hair behind her ear. She remembered the anger on her Social Worker's face a week ago when she first died the three red streaks in. It seemed so long ago… "If you're sure..." she said, still wary of Myra's expression.
Myra shrugged. "Yeah." She stared at the ground and continued walking. Her eyes had adjusted slightly and she was able to make out the ground farther ahead.
Ren walked with Myra to the edge of the jungle. "Oh my god," she breathed, horrified at the sight before them.
"That's lovely," Myra choked out. There was a boy lying on the ground in front of them. He had dark brown hair and blue eyes that were opened wide in shock. All down the boy's chest were splashes of dark, blood. A vine from some plant was wrapped tightly around his neck, which would explain the blue shading of his face. The tip of the vine twitched faintly, as if mocking the dead body.
Jem looked appalled. "How about we don't go in there..." he said slowly, backing away from the vine.
Ren put her hand over her mouth in shock. "How...."
Myra shook her head, fighting the urge to vomit. She grabbed Ren and pulled her back, away from the jungle.
Ren stumbled as Myra pulled her. "What's wrong?" she asked. "I mean, despite the gruesome image over the hill..."
"What do you mean what's wrong?!" Myra's voice rose. She quickly brought it back down. "There's a guy over there, dead, strangled from some vine!!!"
Ren stood silent for a moment. "I know," she said quietly. "But maybe it is a dream. Maybe it's some weird hallucination. Maybe...." she ran out of excuses and sat down on the grass, staring at her feet.
Myra sighed and sat down beside her. "Maybe." She glanced at Jem, trying to figure out what he thought of all this.
Jem just stood there, glaring into the trees. Obviously, the vine couldn't have stabbed the boy. That would be impossible. So either somebody else was running around doing it, or this was DEFINITELY a dream.
"Jem?" Myra asked, watching his far-away look.
Jem blinked. He turned to face Myra. "What?" he asked, still not really listening.
"You're not a murderer, right?" Myra tried not to sound rude, or like she suspected him of anything.
Jem's face went cold again. "Figuratively, yes. Honestly, maybe. Apparently it may have been my fault after all." Jem glared at the ground. "It's a tricky question."
"Sorry..." Myra said quietly, staring at the ground in embarrassment. "I meant more of if you know some sort of self defense stuff..."
"Myra, I was a thief. Of course I know some self defense stuff," Jem said, as if she had pointed out the blindingly obvious.
"Well I'm very sorry for not keeping up with all criminal activity necessities," Myra spat. She pulled her knees up to her chest and rested her forehead on them.


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