Danger's Dream

Danger's Dream

This is actually a roleplay, but I think it's got an awesome plot and good characters. So, Imma post it up here.
This roleplay is NOT mine. All rights to the plot and idea go to Aoife.
Not all of the characters belong to me either. All rights go to their owners.
WARNING: Contains violence and mild swearing.

Chapter 2

Helping You Understand

I realized that while all of us who actually roleplay in this know what we're talking about, some of you might not.

If you read the first chapter, you probably understand the plot, and who the characters are. You'll get more character development as we go. And plot development too. Sometimes we don't stick to the plot, and just make stuff up.
Also, while in most stories the main characters won't just drop dead in the middle of a story... No promises here. We've all been known to murder off our charries (characters) if we decide we don't like them... ^.^
If a character seems to randomly disappear for some time, it's probably because the person who roleplays that character hasn't been online.
I'll try and shift around some things we say to put it in a better order so you can understand what's going on. Although it might still be confusing, sometimes the characters will have conversations overlapping each other. Just try and figure out who it makes sense for whatever character to be talking about. Like maybe Ren and Jem will be talking about one thing, while Myra and Kayden are speaking about something else, all the things the four characters say will be overlapping, so it can get a bit mixed up.
To try and make it a bit clearer if there are people in different places, using the example above let's say Ren and Jem are in one room talking, and Myra and Kayden are in another. Then I will put in "~^~" when I switch back and forth.
I hope it makes sense...
I'm sure you'll get it though!

Some simple rules of the roleplay:
If it's bold, the character is thinking it.
If it's in quotation marks the character is saying.
If it's just written as a sentence the character is doing that, or could be thinking about it indirectly.

Finally, I'll be posting up whatever we've roleplayed each day. Sometimes I may not post something because it could just be three sentences. Then I'll wait until the next day and the chapter name would be something like: Day 5-6 of the Roleplay.


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