Danger's Dream

Danger's Dream

This is actually a roleplay, but I think it's got an awesome plot and good characters. So, Imma post it up here.
This roleplay is NOT mine. All rights to the plot and idea go to Aoife.
Not all of the characters belong to me either. All rights go to their owners.
WARNING: Contains violence and mild swearing.

Chapter 1

Intro Time

~Plot Line~

"A criminal that has been imprisoned for twenty years, and has been condemned to another 60, is a mastermind. He has terrified the other prisoners for years, but is ready to move onto bigger and better things. He manages to build a tiny machine which fits into his ear. This allows him, when he is asleep, to drag others near him into his dreams. So what happens when he takes a drug, guaranteed to keep him asleep for weeks..."
"The characters we make will all be at the prison at the same time that he falls sleep, so they are the ones that are dragged into his evil wonderland. They can all be there for different reasons, such as visiting a confined prisoner, their mother works there, they work there as community service, they're being arrested, etc, etc... When he brings them into his mind, they all black out, only to awake in the dangerous mind of a criminal..."



Name: Ren Larken
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Type (Human or Dream Creature?): Human
Appearance: Large grey eyes, white skin, long dark brown hair with three cherry red streaks down one side, slim and about 5'6". She wears worn jeans, old red high tops and a light blue v-neck tank top under a short-sleeve, tan jacket. She doesn't bother to cover her bruised arms and has white gauze wrapping over a stitched wound on her forearm. The only jewelry she owns is a tatty friendship bracelet that she always wears.
Personality: Ren is a tough and streetwise girl, having grown up in a rough neighborhood. She is intelligent and witty, and loves to play music and rock climb. However, she doesn't like others touching her and his very antisocial and a little sarcastic. She goes to a private school near the prison, but on a scholarship, as she can't afford a full tuition.
History: Ren's parents abused her in various ways from a very young age. She used to cover her marks, but when Social Services intervened and arrested her parents around a week ago, everyone in her school somehow found out, so there was no point in her hiding them anymore. She acts as though she doesn't care, but still doesn't like to talk about it. She has been living in a Home for the past few days, avoiding the others, especially at school.
Additional Information: Although Ren appears to be fearless, she is completely terrified of dark, small enclosed spaces.
Reason for being at Prison: Tried to see parents to get answers, but wasn't allowed in because she's under 18...so she's just standing there arguing with the guard XD


Name: Kayden Amaral.
Gender: Male.
Age: 19
Type (Human or Dream Creature?): Human.
Appearance: Kayden has a kind of orange-red hair color that almost comes down past his light blue eyes and ears, and curls into his neck halfway down. He keeps his fringe swept to the side in a flick. He is not very tan, but not completely pale either. He has a thin face and somewhat sticking-out ears, giving him a dorky appearance. He is very thin, and not very muscular, but almost 6' 5" in height.
Personality: Kayden is usually quite bubbly, that is, when he's not drunk and trying to pick up women in a bar with cheesy pickup lines. He hates anyone telling him what to do, and will usually ignore anyone who does command him. He also takes great pride in his hair and height, and can be quite cocky at times.
Additional Information: In prison for public urination. He was waiting for his girlfriend, Freda, to come bail him out when he's pulled into the dreamscape.


Name: Jeremy Finch (Jem)
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Type (Human or Dream Creature?): Human
Appearance: Jem has blue eyes and short, wavy blond hair. He is tall and slim, but very muscular and stronger than most people think he is. His skin isn't exceptionally tanned, but he has no freckles or blemishes on his skin at all, other than a long, pale scar that runs down his left forearm. He has a faint English accent, as he was born in London. He always wears the same thing: jeans, a white t-shirt and a tattered pair of navy blue converses.
Personality: Jem is very loud and friendly; always cracking jokes and getting into trouble. His sarcasm can sometimes be offensive to others, but he doesn't care very much. He is easy to make friends with, and will chat to pretty much anyone. Jem is very loyal and trusting, and isn't easy to trick into doing what you want. He is also very quick at deciding what he wants to do, and will rush into a fight situation, even if it puts himself in danger, in order to help someone else.
History: When Jem was born, he was given up for adoption as soon as possible. He was taken into a number of foster homes, and by the time he was seven years old, he had lived with nine families. When Jem was 10, he was thrown out of his foster family and onto the streets. While walking the streets of London, he ran into a large, dark-looking man called Chaz. Chaz decided to take Jem in, and, within a few weeks, Jem had changed radically from a young boy without a home to one of the most dangerous thieves in the city. With Jem and the rest of Chaz's 'gang', they would break into homes and destroy everything they could, running out with the cash and valuables. Jem soon became accustomed to this, even though he disliked it at first. Soon, Chaz became like his older brother. They were even closer than brothers, really. At age 13, Jem had been arrested 8 times for trespassing and assault. At 17, he was charged with murder. In actual fact, he hadn't killed anyone at all. On a raid, Chaz and Jem had broken into an old man's house and taken all his expensive stuff. Jem had decided that this was too far, and he was sick of doing this. They got into an argument, and Jem threatened to tell the police. Chaz couldn't risk Jem talking about any of this, so, in a desperate attempt to save his operation, he shot himself in the stomach with Jem's gun. He was killed. Ever since this, Jem hasn't allowed himself to get close enough to a person to really get to know who they are.
Additional Information: Ummmm...
Reason for being at Prison: Arrested for murder


Name: Ethan Robin Williams
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Type (Human or Dream Creature?): Human
Appearance: Ethan is about 5' 8" and has a slight build, although he is muscular. His face is very defined and makes him look younger than he is. He has long blonde hair and stormy gray eyes. He normally would wear dark jeans with a pale, faded green T-shirt.
Personality: Ethan has always been very outspoken, never afraid to say what he thinks. He used to have more of a child-like, innocent side, but that part of him closed up when his parents started to ignore him. Now Ethan is a lot more sinister, preferring to keep secrets to himself and mock others. He still has a friendly, joking side, but it is rarely seen.
History: Ethan always hated his parents. He never really had a good reason, except that they shunned him for his little sister, Myra. He grew away from his family, spending most of his time out with his friends. The majority of Ethan's friends all used multiple drugs, but Ethan avoided using them, even though it brought on bullying and mocking. Two months ago one of Ethan's friends attacked Ethan in a drunk rage. Ethan held onto that and later demanded his friend apologize. He wouldn't, and so Ethan and him got into a fight. Ethan accidentally killed his friend, landing him in jail.
Additional Information: Although Ethan may act otherwise, he is in constant fear that he'll kill someone else by mistake.
Reason for being at Prison: Murder.

Name: Myra Autumn Williams
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Type (Human or Dream Creature?): Human
Appearance: Myra is 5' 6" and has the same slender body build as her brother and she is very "curvy". Her dirty blonde hair falls half way down her back, and she has light blue eyes. Myra normally wears tight jeans and a light blue shirt that has a low V-neck. She also wears a leaf pendant on a very fine silver chain, given to her by her father to represent her middle name.
Personality: Myra is playful and immature, but stubborn. She always stands up for what she thinks is right, even if she knows it'll get her into more trouble than it's worth. Her mischievous streak also gets her into trouble, although she never takes it too far. Myra has a fierce love for all of her friends and is always willing to make new ones.
History: Myra was spoiled rotten as a child, but it never seemed to affect her as much as it affected some other children. She didn't abuse her parents' willingness to give her things, preferring to make do with what she had. Myra often noticed that her brother, Ethan, was never around, but it never worried her as a child. In her teen years she realized that the type of people Ethan was friends with were drug-addicts and violent. That's when she began to worry about him, but she kept it to herself for fear of her parents being angry with him. When Ethan went to court, accused of murder, Myra was heartbroken. She'd hoped her brother would sway from his friends over time, but realized that wasn't ever going to happen now.
Additional Information: None.
Reason for being at Prison: Visiting her brother.

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