What Hurts The Most

this is all true. there are certain people that know what I'm talking about and why I wrote this.

Chapter 1

What Hurts The Most

~~~What Hurts The Most Was~~~
Being forced to forget you
Losing you when I needed you the most
Letting you go 
Losing everything for the person that left you in pieces
Waking up every morning wishing that everything that had happened was only a dream
Remembering those precious memories of us when we were together, before we went our own separate ways
Slowly dying of the sorrow that eats me from the inside out
Killing those feelings of friendship and love just so we could separate ourselves
Being unable to fulfill those promises I made
Eating a blueberry muffin everyday that always reminds me that we will never share one again

What Hurts The Most was not being able to tell you how much you mean to me, not being able to tell you what is really going on in me, not being able to hug you, not being able to cry on you, not being able to comfort you when you need me, not being able to wish you a happy birthday and give you your present and card.

What Hurts The Most is knowing that we will never be able to be together again and being free of these sorrows that burden us.



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