Things About The Amazing Alyce.

I always found interest in these, so i'm doing one.

Chapter 1


Name: Alyce
Siblings: Two Sisters and Two Brothers.
I Am: Epic?
Fav Color: Black, Blue, Silver.
Why Did I Join Quibblo: I was younger, so I don't remember.
Fav Movie: Paranormal Activity 3, School Of Rock, Spirited Away, and Hot Rod
Fav Store: Anything that has good shirts, jeans, and shoes.
Job: Soon to work at Taco Bell :]
Talents: Falling for somebody I can't Have.
Five Words That Say Me: Bitch, Geek, Pessimistic, LOUD, reckless.
Do I Like Getting Messages: Yeah, I guess.

Fav Food: Tacos, Ramen Soup, Pizza :DD
Fav Candy: Jolly Ranchers and Skittles.
Fav Music: Anything but Country, Hip-hop, Rap, R and B.
Fav Pet: Cats.
What Makes Me Irritated On Here: This Website is DEAD!
What Would I Like On Here: Nothing -.-
What Would Make Me Very Angry: Being Wrong.
Top Friends On Quibblo: Perhaps The People on my top?
Why Did I Make This? Cause I can.


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