Poseidon's daughters Love lives (A love story from camp Half-blood)

a group story between between me and rockymay

Chapter 21

I'm going to kill you (Lilliana's POV)

“Lilliana Athena Poseidon Rece never thought I’d have to say that mouthful again.” The new guy said coming up behind me in the morning.
“Shut up, I told you years ago I wouldn’t date you.” I snapped.
“Ah, so you do remember who I am. Good, it’s been ages since anyone on your mum’s side of your family heard from you; they all thought you were dead.” The boy said.
“Shut up Cale. You know that won’t work on me anymore.” I snapped again.
“You always were treated like a princess weren’t you Lil? Did you hear that your cousin was killed because she wouldn’t tell them where you were?” Cale asked laughing.
“Liar,” I snapped starting to cry.
“Seems I found the right button to push,” He said laughing again. I didn’t realize what I was doing, but I pulled my knife on him and said through clenched teeth.
“This is why we didn’t bother telling you before. This is why we don’t trust you.” I snapped angrily. He suddenly grabbed me, turned around, and kissed me.

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