Poseidon's daughters Love lives (A love story from camp Half-blood)

a group story between between me and rockymay

Chapter 2

In a new place.....again.

"HOLY CHIZNITS!" I yelled as I turned around. I had been walking up a hill, tired and trying to find a place to relax. I had just thrown off a pair of Dracnae women. As I was saying i turned around....and right behind me was a GIANT, scary, sharp toothed....puppy....a hell hound to be more exact.
"Its so cute!" I said and ran towards the hell hound. I started petting behind its ears. I had always had a small connection to hell hounds, they were tame near me.
After a minute its ears perked up though and it ran away. oh well.
I turned back around and kept walking, then all of a sudden everything changed. I was in some summer camp or something! There were all of these cabins and training things but will real weapons! One word could describe this place. AWESOME!
I walked forward and all of a sudden I was cut off my a horse....a man....actually a Centaur!
"Hello there. My name is Chiron, and may I ask who you are?" he askes.
"Uh...Kristinia Karlovich. I um, Im a demigod...." I said sinse I could pretty much tell that all these kids were the way they were weilding swords.
He smiled "Well then, sinse we dont know who your godly parent is just report to the Hermes cabin"-he pointed one of the cabins out-"and later on we will have a meeting with the councilers and you." he said and trotted away. huh.
I walked over to the Hermes cabin and walked in. Just to be tackled out.
"KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN!" The boy that had tackled me yelled. I did as I was told. There was a bang and bits of pink stuff flew out of the cabin. He got off of me and I looked around.
"What the hell...." I started.
"Um....we were trying to make cotton candy..." he said awkwardly. I raised my eyebrow at him and he shrugged then got up and walked away.
"Weird..." I said.
"Well hello there!" two voices said and then two boys around my age plopped down on either side of me on the grass.
"Im Conner!" one said.
"And Im Travis!" the other said. They were twins, both cute!
"And Im Kristina..." I said.
"Yo! Conner! Travis! Leave the pour girl alone!" I heard someone yell and the guys were hoisted to their feet then the tall sandy haired boy that had told them to get away held out his hand and helped me up.
"Hello, my names Luke. Im the head counciler of the Hermes Cabin." he said. I smiled.
"Im Kristina....and well I dont really know whats going on..." i said and he laughed.
"Your at Camp Halfblood. A camp where demigods train and prepare themselves to fight monsters and are safe." said a girl around my age next to him, "By the way Im Lilliana." she said and I smiled at her, something about her just made me feel familiar with her, as if we had this connection. Weird.
Luke and Lilliana went into the Hermes cabin and explained everything about camp to me.
And let me just say, I was going to have fun here!

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