My Skater. Why Must You Hurt Me?

This Boy Is The Cause Of Many A Night Of Pain. </3

Chapter 1


Awake At Night I Lie. The Wind Breaking Through,
My Heart Scarred By One. That Intolerable Pain, Created By You.
When I See You, Things Grow Only Worse.
Forced To Love You, Driven By This Curse.
Never Touched You, More Than A Flirtatious Push.
But I Ache For You, As More Than A Crush.
I Love You, But You Love Her.
So I'll Sit In Waiting, Only When You Come Will I Stir.
Everyday Drags On, Each More Dreadful Than The Last.
But, I Simply Cannot Leave My Affections In The Past.
People Tell Me I deserve Better Than You.
But What They Don't Understand Is My Love To You Is Like Glue.
I Know I'm Pathetic. When You Look At Me I Melt.
But, I Understand I've Just Gotta Play With The Cards I Was Dealt.
You Touch Me And I Shake, I Know That You Can Feel.
That When It Comes To You I'm Head Over Heels.
Yet, You Skate. And You Live, As I Should Try.
But, It's Difficult. For When I'm Without You. Well, It Would Feel Better To Die.
I Know I Can Never Change Your Feelings For Me.
But, Before I Give Up, There's One Thing You Should See.
Nothing Will Ever Change The Sky From Blue
Just As Nothing Will Ever Change My Love For You

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