Okay, so I like reading crime stories and hope I'm good at them. I would really appreciate any comments guys. Okay, so the girls name is Aly Carter and shes 14.

Chapter 13

What's going on?

Alys POV
I was still fast asleep when I felt someone grab me and pull me out of the car. I opened my eyes drowsily and tried to mumble something. "Go back to sleep." Matt ordered.
I tried to keep my eyes open as he carried me, but I was pretty sure he put something over my mouth, or maybe I just fell asleep again, but when I woke up again, I wasn't in the car. I was in a room. A closet, more like it, but a big one. Something like a walk in closet of some sort. It was bare, empty with white walls. A cheap and old, naked light bulb hung from the ceiling. It was dim and flickered slightly.
I noticed it was freezing, so I sat up and wrapped my arms around myself and closed my eyes. It seemed to be just hitting me now that I was alone. That Devon was gone.. Or dead. No. No, he couldn't be dead. Maybe he killed Byron and was killing Matt right now and would come get me at any moment.
I tried to force that thought into my head, trying to force it to a reality. But even with my probably concussion, I couldn't see it.
The longing I had for home was making me sick. Literally sick. I felt like throwing up. Or crying. Screaming. Dying. Maybe all of the above.
But aside from all my crazed thoughts and emotions, I sat there numb, not moving.
The door opened, and unsurprisingly, Matt came in. "Drink this." He said, holding out a water bottle.
"What's in it?" I asked doubtfully.
"Drink it." He replied flatly.
I grabbed it and took a sip, then put it down beside me. He bent down and turned my head, looking at my injury. "It's pretty bad. Think it needs a doctor. You can just drop me off at the hospital anytime." I mumbled sarcastically.
"Your fine."
He got up to leave, and when he reached the door I stopped him. "Matt!" I called.
He stopped at looked back at me. "What's going on?" I whispered pathetically.
He came back and knelt down to my eye level. "Well," he said, playing with his knife, "it seems that you couldn't stay put, so, by not doing what your told and pissing me off, you've killed Devon, an innocent kid, and basically killed yourself."
My eyes flashed up. "Devon? What?!"
"You heard me. Dead. Your fault."
I looked into his eyes. "Your lying." I whispered.
He grinned. "Oh really? You think this all just happened by chance? You just simply ran away, that you had a brilliant plan and I was just in the car by chance? You think I left it to that?"
I looked at him, trying to see whether or not he was bluffing. It was impossible to tell. "I don't believe you." I said defiantly.
He grinned again. "For Devon's sake, you better hope I'm telling the truth. Because if he's dead, he's in peace. He's got nothing to worry about anymore. But if he is alive, I will find him. And he's definitely gonna have something to worry about."
He stopped playing with the knife and held it in his hands, looking at it. I watched him, waiting for him to stab me or something. But he stood up. He walked to the door and just before he left he said, "And for you Aly, it really doesn't matter if I'm lying. Your in trouble either way."

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