Okay, so I like reading crime stories and hope I'm good at them. I would really appreciate any comments guys. Okay, so the girls name is Aly Carter and shes 14.

Chapter 1


As soon as I get out of the cafe I realize how cold it is. I'm glad I brought my jacket. I'm mad as hel] because my dad was working and my stepmom wouldn't give a ride home from my friend Stacy's, so I had to walk home myself.
I live in a pretty big city so even though it's 9:30 at night it's still pretty bright out. As I walk I start to feel paranoid about being alone, and at first when I hear footsteps behind me I think that I'm imagining it. But as I hear it again I know that the footsteps aren't mine.
As I quicken my pace, so does theirs because I know that it's not one person. I'm too scared to look back so I grab my cellphone without stopping. As I take it out, I remember Stacy spent an hour playing angry birds and there's no battery power left.
The footsteps are right behind me when a silver car stops beside me. The footsteps stop and I finally look back but no ones there.
The tinted window rolls down to reveal a good looking guy in his mid twenties. He had blonde hair and dark blue eyes. Definitly good looking.
"Hey, My name's Matt. Do ya need a ride?" he asks cooly.
Now, I'm not an idiot and I know not to get in a strangers car, so I'm hesitant and don't reply. "Look, I just saw that you're alone and some guys were following you. Do your parents even know where you are? You're not running away are you?"
"What-no! I'm just going home." I say defensivly.
"Okay, well you should no not to go away alone."
"But I know not to get in the car with a stranger."
He chuckles "Smart. Okay how about you tell me the street and I don't even take you to your house, I'm not a stalker anyway."
He looks very friendly, not at all like a crazy rapist or something. "Look, I'm not gonna leave a kid like you alone on the streets."
He opens the door and I get in the passengers seat. He smiles. "Alright, so where am I heading?"
"St. Laurens Street."
He starts driving and for a moment we're both silent until he starts talking "So what's your name?"
"Lemme guess, 14 right?"
"Nope, I'm only 13."
"You want the radio on?" Matt asks, making conversation.
"Um, no thanks."
I realize my house is only a block away from here. "You can just let me out here"
He doesn't stop, he just acts like he didn't hear me. I start feeling hot and dizzy. "Could you turn the heat down please?"
He does, and after another minute of waiting I ask him to drop me off. He does the same thing. "Let me out!" I exclaim.
He doesn't do anything, but he drives faster. I can't breathe and I realize he's not going to stop. I could slap myself for getting in this car.
I slump back in my seat, as far away from his reach as possible. I stare and the door handle, and he must've seen what I'm looking at because he starts talking again. "You seem pretty smart Aly. And smart people would never try to jump out of a car. Know why? Because if the car is going fast enough, the second the person hits ground it's a painful death."
He was still going faster.
And something caught my eye, in his jeans pocket I saw the top of a gun.
I wasn't getting out of this car,

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