The Quibblo Trail

Chapter 1

Chapter Number The Only One

Name: Alex T. Earle
Age: 19
Birthday: 08/29
Location: Idaho, USA
Favourite Food: Pizza, Candy, Ice Cream
Favourite Drink: Docta Peppa!!!!!
Favourite Colour: Blue/Orange
Favourite Book: Percy Jackson and The Olympians, The Heroes Of Olympus
Favourite Movie: Clueless
Favourite TV Show: The Big Bang Theory, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Bones
Height: 6'1"
Weight: Nunya Bizzniss
Hair Colour: Flaming Red
Eye Colour: Bluer than the sky
Favourite Website: Quibblo, Facebook
Favourite Possession: iPod
Pet: Dumbass dog (Pasha) 3
Family Members: Brother, Mother
Favourite Number: 432 1/2
Piercings: Ear (Left)
Most Favourite Thing About Yourself: My dazzling personality
Least Favourite Thing About Yourself: The fact that I can't tan
Fears rejection like a fat kid fears salad.
Is moving to California soon.
Can sing better than Adam Lambert

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