Katrina Jackson and the Olympians

Katrina Jackson and the Olympians

Katrina Jackson is the daughter of Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. Being 12, she's only just started as a camper at Camp Half-Blood, but little does she know that she truly doesn't belong there. Follow Katrina as she goes on numerous adventures, and discovers amazing things, just as worthy as those that her parents did together.

Chapter 1

My Parents Keep Secrets

"Katrina, do you have the travel pack I gave you?" Annabeth asked me as I slung it over my shoulder. She was busying herself around the apartment, making sure that I’d left nothing out. “You packed 2 pairs of shoes, right? And, your toothbrush and toothpaste and lotion and – “
“Mom, please,” I begged, rolling me eyes. “I’ve got everything, okay?”
She sighed. “Oh, I’m sorry Katrina. I just want to make sure that your first day at Camp Half-blood goes well. I mean, my first day was a wreck, and so was your father’s and I…” she looked down at me, her gray eyes twinkling. “…I want to best for you. You understand that, don’t you?”
“Well, yeah I do because you’ve told me like…a MILLION times! Can I please go to camp now?” I begged, jumping up and down. Just then, my dad came down the stairs.
“Percy, doesn’t she just look beautiful in my old Camp Half-Blood t-shirt? The orange brings out her hair,” my mom asked my dad as he stood next to her.
He overlooked me for a while, then decided that yes, my shirt did in fact bring out my hair color. “Yes…yes it does. Now, why don’t you go on ahead in the taxi, Katrina? Your mother and I need to talk before you go.” He tried to sound soothing and calm, so that I wouldn’t get too suspicious, but too late! I already was.
“Okay.” I slowly closed the front door behind me, but left open just the slightest crack, just enough to eavesdrop in on their conversation.
“Percy, what is it?” my mom asked as the door closed behind me.
“It’s…well, you know she doesn’t belong, and I know it too. But…she doesn’t. I don’t think it’s right to let her go there before she figures it out.”
“But, Camp Half-Blood is the best place she can go to! She’ll be fine, honey.”
“Okay. But, what cabin will she go to? Athena or Poseidon? That’ll be a major decision.”
“She can always be an undetermined.”
Undetermined. In previous eavesdrops that I’d done in the past, I’d heard that word way too many times. I was itching to figure out what it meant, but I was pretty sure if I brought it up to them, they’d be positive that I’d overheard their conversations. I held my breath as I listened further.
“Undetermined won’t cut it, Percy! Chiron knows! Dionysus knows! Everyone already knows about us! It won’t take them long to figure our daughter out!”
Suddenly, the house erupted into crying. Not from my mom or dad. It was coming from the baby’s room upstairs. The only person it could be was my 1 year old brother, Jason, who’d probably just woken up. On instinct, I burst through the front door and yelled, “I’ll get him!” nearly startling my parents as I rushed up the stairs to cradle Jason in my arms and calm him down. When I came back downstairs, both my parents were glaring at me angrily, arms crossed. I looked a bit confused, until I realized that I’d just given myself away. Now, they knew I’d been eavesdropping, or else I would never have heard Jason in the background.
“Um…hi mom, hi dad. Well, I’ll just go outside now,” I managed as I made towards the exit, but my mom grabbed my arm. She had a strong grip, since she’d been holding a knife her entire life. It was a gift from one of her friends, but she never said much about him. I think it was one of her high school sweethearts or something. It must’ve been a Valentine’s Day gift; “hey honey, I love you so much. Would you like a dagger?” or something like that.
She pulled me back into the living room.
“Katrina, were you spying on us?” she sternly asked me as I glumly took a seat on our 2 cushioned sofa. “I can’t believe you were standing outside the door listening to us!”
“Well, I was just curious about what was so urgent for you guys to talk about before I went off to camp! And besides, you guys keep talking about some big secret about me or something, and I want to know! What’s going on, guys?”
Their facial expressions softened and they uncrossed their arms, sighing deeply. “I’m sorry, Katrina, but we can’t tell you, “ dad straight out said. “You’ll find out someday, but just not now. Now, you must go off to camp and have a great year, kiddo! Okay?” He held my shoulders and shook me back and forth playfully. I nodded.
“But, you guys WILL tell me eventually, right?”
They both shared nervous glances and shakily said, “…right…” then dropped the subject altogether.
We made our way outside, and they saw me into the taxi. They each gave me a quick cheek kiss, and waved goodbye as the driver took off down the streets of Manhattan. I wasn’t sure how yet, but I was going to figure out what they were hiding from me.


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