The Enemy (a World War II story)

this is just something me and my friend were thinking of writing in real life so we decided to do a group story on quibblo! comment plz! WARNING: it may take a while to write the chapters. and they might be a little short.

Chapter 1

The Army

I was awoken by the blast of a horn. My fourth year of the German army and I still haven't gotten used to the early wake-up call.

The days are starting to blur as we plan to take over... I don't actually know what we're doing anymore.

I groaned and rolled out of my bed. I got up and dressed in my pilots uniform. This was gonna be hard. Really hard.

I went over to Antonio. He was snoozing away in his bunk. The horns never woke him. That was my job. It was one of the only highlights of my day.

I snuck over and grabbed a bucket and filled it with icy-cold water. Then I tip-toed back to my best friend and emptied the entire contents of the bucket on him shouting, "UP AND AT 'UM, ANTONIO! SLEEPING IN IS FOR GIRLS!"

He sputtered and shot up yelling, "Blast it Gerard,I'm already awake!"

I smiled at his anger. I loved my job. "Come on. We don't want to be late for the big push, we're taking over France!"

"Well you still don't have to go dumping water on everyone! How do you expect to be captin with that attitude?" He had stood up and shook water out of his hair like a dog.

" sigh Ok, I guess I'll use the pots tomorrow..."

With that, Antonio lunged at me. We were both laughing as we tumbled on to the floor, wrestling like little kids. Our cabin-mates laughed and made a small ring around us chanting: "Fight! Fight!" That was, untill our comander came in and broke us up, reciting the same boring lecture I'd heard a thousand times over: "'re not little kids anymore... work together or not at all..." Blah, blah, blah. Nothing I hadn't heard before.

But the comander wasn't finished, "I'll give you all 30 seconds to stand outside your bunkers! 1!...2!...3!..."

We all hustled about getting all the last minute (or last second) stuff we needed. Then we rushed outside and stood at attention. In the same stupid formation we were always in.

Then our daily ritual followed:
-we did warm-ups
-we saluted the general
-we were breifed (sp?)
-blah, blah, blah

All for about 4 hours. We were sent to our squadrens and sent off to our own little sections. Me to the planes, Antonio to the control tower. I cut him off before he could make it all the way there. "Good luck. Don't make me look bad!"

He smiled, "I'll try not to, but don't blame me if I mess up! I'm not as good as Rudolf, just his under-study!"

I clapped him on the shoulder playfully. Then we shook hands like men, and went our seperate ways.

After I got all set up in my bomber, and I told Control that we were ready for launch, I heard Antonio's voice coming from the raspy headset: "Ok, we're go for launch. Good luck! Arbeit Macht Frei!"

A million german voices echoed the cry, including my own and I was certain of one thing.

We were off.

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