Country Music Charms Everyone, It Even Charms Justin Bieber (A Justin Bieber Love Story) [I am the original writter]

This story is about Micayla Swift, also known as Mic. She is the 16 year old cousin of Taylor Swift. When Mic starts writing songs, her whole life changes when her cousin brings her into the music industry. Betrayal, Fake Friends, and even Love can all be found in this industry.
(Srry if i sent this 2 people who dont want it!)

Chapter 5

Awww Selena Can't Make It? SAD FACE

I was sitting around thinking about what Taylor said, They don't even know who you are!. Well that can be changed...I decided to call up Miley. After a good thirty minutes of deliberation we decided how we can get people to know who, Micayla Swift really is. I was getting ready before Miley would be picking me up, when my cell phone buzzed.
Justin: Hey, just wanted to say I'm sorry about the paparazzi catching us and that we probably shouldn't be spending a lot of time together.
Me: Don't sweat it. And your prob right. gtg ttyl
I straightened my hair and changed into my white tee, leather jacket, black short shorts and my red high heels. When Taylor entered my room, she was curious.
"Where are you going?" she questioned
"Oh...ummm just out and about," I replied
"In that outfit? What's really going on Mic? Your not meeting Justin again are you?" Taylor interrogated.
"No, no, hang your pants up, Taylor! I'm meeting my Miley for," I retorted.
"Oh...well...ummm...okay..." she mumbled while exiting my room.
Miley pulled up to the house and I met her outside.
"You ready to be known to the world?" she asked as I jumped in.
"Let's go!" I exlcaimed.
We pulled up to the Staples Center. Tonight, Miley and a few other big names like Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers were performing live on national television for a Disney Channel event. Miley, being a good friend, was able to pulls some strings to allow me to take the place of Selena, who couldn't make it. SAD FACE...NOT. I followed Miley back to the dressing rooms. It was two o'clock, but everyone still had to rehearse one last time before the show at eight.
The concert opened with Demi and then she would be joined by the Jonas's (or is it Jonasi?) for a Camp Rock mix and then the Jo Bros would take over. There would be a short intermission and then Miley would perform and I would fill Selena's place as the closer.
I had to find the musicians to give them my song to learn. THEN, Miley wanted me to meet everyone. Demi is the sweetest girl. The Jonas Brothers are nice, especially Nick. By the time that was done, it was time for a quick run through of the show. Demi belted out the notes to Don't Forget, then she was joined by the Jonasi for the song We Rock. Then the Jo Bros performed When You Look Me In The Eyes. Miley performed Party in the USA and I performed Red High Heels.
Taylor's POV
There was nothing on TV so I flipped to the Disney Channel. If I was lucky I could catch and episode of The Wizards of Waverly Place. But I was astonished to see Mic, singing on stage, on TV, on the Disney Channel...What has this girl done?
Justin's POV
I was sitting at home with Selena. She hasn't been felling well; she even had to cancel a performance on the Disney Channel. But, she still wanted to watch and see what other great Disney talent took her place. We watched Miley's performance and waiting for the next. Selena's jaw dropped when she saw Mic on the stage. Might I add, Mic was looking pretty hot-wait...I love Selena. But I still give the girls props, she's got some guts to do that.
Mic's POV
I just finished giving the performance of my life, the crowd was cheering, the other stars were coming out to take final bows, and I was so happy. People finally knew who I was! I headed backstage trying to cool off before heading home with Miley. The phone rang.
Moriah: Mic! I just saw your performance and great job, but next time check with your agent first!
Me: Sorry Moriah, I was just so excited when I was offered the opportunity.
Moriah: Don't sweat it girl! Now everyone knows who you are! We've already got people calling about when your song will be on iTunes! Oooh and there's another! Got to go. See you at the studio tomorrow!
"Hey," started Nick Jonas leaning in the door frame of my dressing room, "hope I wasn't interrupting anything."
"Oh no, that's fine," I replied with a smile.
"You did really great for that being your first time on stage," he complimented
"You really think so? That means a lot coming from someone who's had as much experience as you," I replied blushing a little.
"So what are you doing tomorrow? I was wondering if you wanted to get a bit to eat...but dont feel compelled...I mean you don't-" Nick stuttered while rubbing the back of his neck. Was he actually nervous?
"Umm well I have to record tomorrow," his face dropped, "But I free after three." He beamed at me, "Okay I'll call you"
I gave him my number and walked out of the stadium with Miley and headed home. I was greeted by the all too familiar face of, ANGRY TAYLOR...TBC?
Kay guys, what do you think? I really like this story and want to continue, but it only matters if you guys like it! Lemme know what you think, I love constructive criticism. Let me know what I can change, what you like, and recommend this to your friends...thanks! :D
<3 BringingSexyBack

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