Country Music Charms Everyone, It Even Charms Justin Bieber (A Justin Bieber Love Story) [I am the original writter]

This story is about Micayla Swift, also known as Mic. She is the 16 year old cousin of Taylor Swift. When Mic starts writing songs, her whole life changes when her cousin brings her into the music industry. Betrayal, Fake Friends, and even Love can all be found in this industry.
(Srry if i sent this 2 people who dont want it!)

Chapter 2

Meeting Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus

"How should I talk to Selena, I mean-" I started.
"Just be yourself, she'll just love you!" exclaimed Taylor as she pulled into the driveway at Selena's house.
"Hey Selena! I want you to meet my cousin Micayla, but you can call her Mic," introduced Taylor.
"Mic, I've heard soo many great things about you from Tay!" she exclaimed pulling me into a hug.
"Mic is here because I'm going to try and get her a record deal over at Big Machine, she is an awesome singer, songwriter, just like her big cousin!" joked Taylor.
"So Mic, how old are you?" questioned Selena as you all walked into her wonderful home.
"16, I'll be 17 in December" I answered seating myself on the leather couch.
"Cool so what are you guys doing later cause I was going to go down to the boardwalk carnival with a certain someone wink at Taylor, and I wanted to know if you two wanted to go?" she asked.
"Sure that'll be fun, well me and Mic have to get going. We'll see you later!" said Taylor pushing me out the door.
"Who's this certain someone Selena was talking about?" I asked.
"You'll find out soon enough," she answered. It was almost noon when we left the Gomez residence so we decided to stop for a quick bite to eat before heading to the studio. We stopped at a small Italian restaurant, hoping Taylor would not be flocked to by paparazzi.
"Taylor! I haven't talked to you in so long, who's your friend?" asked Miley Cyrus. After everything I heard about Miley on the news, I still gave her a chance. Everybody makes mistakes right?
"Miley, this is my cousin Micayla, but she'd rather go by Mic," answered Taylor
"Nice to meet you Mic, I will have to hang out with ya'll another time. I have to get back to the studio. Bye!" said Miley sweetly before walking out the door.
"She seems like a nice person," I said taking a bite out of my sandwich.
"Don't trust her Mic, she's bad news!" exclaimed Taylor
"Whatever..." I replied.
After our Italian shop incident we were walking out to the car when......
The paparazzi had found us. We hurriedly got into the car and drove towards the place that would make me famous. Well, at least that's what Taylor said. At the studio, Taylor had me play a few songs for the producers and they loved them! I signed a few thing here and there and they said to come back tomorrow to get working on my first single. We headed home to get ready for my first night out in Los Angeles. I CAN'T WAIT!
Sorry that it's short, I have a lot planned for the next chapter and wanted to save it, sooo this one is very short!

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