Country Music Charms Everyone, It Even Charms Justin Bieber (A Justin Bieber Love Story) [I am the original writter]

This story is about Micayla Swift, also known as Mic. She is the 16 year old cousin of Taylor Swift. When Mic starts writing songs, her whole life changes when her cousin brings her into the music industry. Betrayal, Fake Friends, and even Love can all be found in this industry.
(Srry if i sent this 2 people who dont want it!)

Chapter 1

Surprise, It's T-Swizzle

t was just an average day for me in Wyomissing, Pennsylvannia. It was June, the morning birds were chirping, and I was enjoying the sun rise from the patio. Then in the middle of the road a large tour bus appeared. Wierd? I thought. The tour bus door opened and out popped my 21 year old cousin, Taylor Swift.
"Taylor?! What are you doing here!" I exclaimed while I ran up to her embracing her into a hug.
"Hey Mic, I wanted to spend a week with my favorite cousin!" she exclaimed.
"Well come inside, Mom, Dad, and Ty will want to see you," I offered. I hadn't seen my cousin in almost two years. I walked up the steps, onto the patio, and into the kitchen.
"Mom, Dad, Ty (Your 15 year old brother) come down stairs, I have a surprise for ya'll!" I called up the stairs.
"It had better be bacon!" exclaimed Ty racing down the stairs
"It's better than bacon!" you called
"Aunt Georgia, Uncle Paul, Cousin Ty!" Taylor called embracing them all in a hug.
"Hey Tay, what are you doing here?" asked Ty
"I wanted to see my favorite relatives!" she exclaimed.
"Well Taylor we're happy to have you staying here. Why don't you take your things up to Mic's room, and then we can have breakfast." said my mother.
"Okay, Ty help me carry my things in!" she called walking out the door. I ran upstairs to get everything ready in my room for Taylor. I really didn't know what she liked, if her tastes had changed, I hadn't seen her in two whole years. I decided that I should hide my guitar and song sheets before Taylor saw them. I started writing songs about two years ago and I knew that if Taylor knew, she would ask me to play for her. As I was putting my guitar into the closet Taylor barged in.
"Is that a guitar I see?" questioned Taylor. I was trying to hide the guitar when I dropped all of my song sheets.
"Let me see these!" exclaimed Taylor picking up my song sheets and examining them closely. I quickly felt the blood rush to my face, as she read.
"Play and sing one for me!" exclaimed Taylor, I tried to object, but Taylor pushed the sheet into my hands. I finished playing the song, It was pop with a little country flair.
"I never knew you could sing that well," whispered Taylor in shock
"I didn't think I was singing that well?" I said
"You are sooo coming back to L.A. with me in a week," exclaimed Taylor.
"WHAT!?" I asked
The next week passed by way too fast for my liking, sadly my parents agreed to let me go to California, as long as I stayed with Taylor. Sunday afternoon we hoped on Taylor's jet and headed to Los Angeles.
"When we get there, the first thing I'm going to do is introduce you to my best friend, Selena," said Taylor
"I'm going to get to meet Selena Gomez!?" I asked, I always idolized her. She was a great actress and singer and was able to keep herself grounded in Los Angeles.
We hopped off the plane at LAX and drove towards the house Taylor lived in with her parents and younger brother.
"Aunt Andrea, Uncle Scott, cousin Austin!" I exclaimed running .
"What are you doing here?" asked Austin. Taylor explained the whole story to her family, and then she showed me to her room where I would be staying.
This is going to be a long summer! I thought to myself before drifting off into a random dream about man-eating pierogis!

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