Harry Potter IDIOTS! and the sorcerer's stone

Harry Potter IDIOTS! and the sorcerer's stone

When three undiscovered Harry Potter characters come to hogwarts, complete chaos occurs. These idiots are bound to end up dead, or are they?

Chapter 1


You may know the story of Harry Potter, but what you DON'T know, is about three characters, who where left out. Julie Wilson, a crazy, talkative, friendly girl, who can be a bit violent at times. She has glasses, brown hair, and freckles. Savannah Edwards, a spunky valley girl, who again, can be violent at times. She wears a blond pony tail and has wavy hair. Fiona Fletcher, a clever, cunning girl, who loves pranks, and is also a bit violent. Together, they are, HARRY POTTER IDIOTS!

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