I would like to talk about my friends on here

Chapter 1

My Besties

xxxlexixx, you have been a really good bestie to me! I love when we message each other and do sonic stories. You have always been there when i needed someone to talk to. When I was going to quit Quibblo, you didn't give up, you begged me to stay and I did! You will always be my bestie on here, I love you Bestie :D
cuteawesomegirl, thank you for giving me cream the rabbit! When I was going to quit, you said I shouldn't, you and lexxi are the reason why I stay on quibblo! :D
sollux, you have been my bestie since 6th grade. I'm so glad that we are best friends. Even though you tease me sometimes, I love you (bestie love) no matter what. You also told people to stop teasing me when you saw me hurt. When we graduate I'm going to miss you so much, I don't know what I would do without you. Who knows, maybe when we're older we'll see each other one day! Another thing is I told you about quibblo and you joined, so yay! Me and you= Unicorn Buddies!


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