Medieval Story, War, Thingamabob (READ MEMO!!!)

NOT as idiotic as it sounds got the idea from a chess game.

hope you enjoy!

PS its medieval

Chapter 1

Who, What, When, Where, Why?

"my lord, the Coxaar (co-z-air) empire is building a fortress on our borders. what do you propose we do, your majesty?"

"who, what, when, where, why?" shouted the king.

"uh, uh" he stuttered, " the 'who' is the Coxaar's, the 'what' is they are building a fortress, the 'when' is as we speak, the 'where' is on our northern border and the 'why', well, we haven't figured that out yet. maybe to piss us off?"

"ohhhhh! well why didn't you say so? don't waste my time next time and just jump to the point!"

"yes your majesty. but what shall we do about it, though?" the messenger questioned.

"go get my advisor and be snappy about it, or i'll cut your head off!" threatened the king.

one minute later

advisor: "...and i suggest that we attack immeadiatly while they're weak and unprotected building their fortress."

"well then what are we waiting for? ready the troops and lets go! i'm tired of sitting around staring at doilies. oh, and advisor? you'll be in charge, you know, managing everything, while i'm gone."

at the fortress...

"how much men do they have general?"

"400 strong at least. and not including the builders."

"and we have?" questioned the Scipot king.

"10,000 last time we counted! but more are ariving by the minute!"

" we're gonna lose? i mean, for crying out loud! they have 400! we're gonna get creamed if we only have 10,000!"

"my lord? we have more men then them. way more." the general stated.

"what? we do? oh well, there you go again with not getting to the point! wait. that was the advisor. oh no! everyone's retaliating! why won't you people just speak english for one second? in that case, it's still gonna be a difficult fight. very serious thinking has to be put into action here. i know! let's use all our men and charge the enemy head-on! that should at least dent their numbers! yes! i like it! charge! we attack right now!"

a battle horn echoes in the distance

all the Scipots charge upon the completely unaware Coxaans.

"hahaha you filthy swine!" the Scipot king taunted even though no one could hear him. "we're slaying you like cattle! no one can defeat me! i'm INVINSIB--"

the king was cut short by an arrow imbedding itself in his intestines, killing him instantly.

the Scipot general saw the king fall and shouted "RETREAT! THE KING IS DEAD! FALL BACK!"

and so the war began.


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