StarKid and My Life! xD

Here's some things that happen in my life that relate to StarKid.....
(I don't have very many yet [that I remember at the moment....] but I'll add more as soon as I remember/ more happen! :D)

Chapter 1

I love my friends!<3

by: alaia01
Cristina: I HATE Mondays!
Me: Like Garfield!
*Me & Cassie look at each other*
Me & Cassie: You're acting like Garfield, ON A MONDAY!

Me: Guess where it is!
Zabrina: ...In that box?
Me: And Bingo was his name-o! You got it!

Me: Look at my picture of Draco on Rumbleroar's back!
Cassie: That's good, quite good, actually..... I rather like the shading. Right there.

My Dad: (Talking about hockey!) So, the first home game is against the Winnipeg Jets!
Me: That's in Canada!

[Pretty much EVERY time someone's doing something, and I try to stop them......]
Me: NONONONONONONONONONO!!!!!! (All high-pitched and Ginny-ish!)

My Mom: (Being too lazy to get up...) [Text] We're going to the mall soon. Make sure to be ready.
Me: *Gettin Ready*
~15 Mins Later~
Mom: *Walks in* Did you get my text?
Me: *Starts laughing uncontrollably*

~At a trivia/ drawing thing~
Me:Come on! Say 10! 10! 10! 10! 10! 10!
Drawing guy: 10!
Me: *Gasp!* Dats meeeeeeeee!

My friend: (Although, I don't remember which.....) Come on, Zoey! Get up!
Me: *Breaks out into song* You gotta get up! Gotta get back! Get back up!

~At the state fair with Tabbatha~
Tabbatha: OMG they have butterbeer here!
*Me & Tabbatha buy butterbeer, and then look at each other and smile oddly*
Me & Tabbatha: *Breaks out into song* Who knows how fast this year's gonna go? Hand me a glass! Let the butterbeer FLOW! (Start doing the dance thing they do on flow) Maybe at last, I'll talk to Cho! Oh no! That'd be WAY too awesome!
Tabbatha's parents: Uh.... We don't know them.

~At school~
Me: Ugh! You TOASTER!
Cassie: Oh yeah? Well you're a butt-trumpet!
Me: At least I'm not a toaster!
Our friends: A toaster? Wow.... What a GREAT insult! YOU GUYS ARE ALL TOASTERS!
Other friends: No, YOU'RE a toaster!
Tracy: (To her brother) Hey! Guess what! You're a toaster!
~We all laugh uncontrollably~

Me: Oh it's in Orlando. I can't just GO to Orlando. It's on the other side of the country.
Tabbatha: You NEED an airplane. Do you have an airplane Potter? I bet you do.
Me: You know, not all of us inherited enough money to buy out U.S. Airlines when our parents DIED.


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