This is my Demigod Story

Okay this is some what true.
So ... enjoy!
And please comment!

© CE or AA

Chapter 1

The Unexpected

(My PRO)

"Achlys Agrave, get down stairs now or you're going to miss your bus." My mother called from the kitchen. "Coming." I answered well running down stairs wearing a black skull tee and black jeans (I never wear anything else but the color black), my light brown just past shoulder length hair was in its usual low pony tail and my bangs untidy crossing my forehead to covering the left eye just the way I like it, my eyes change to three different colors blue, green and grayish black but today they were grayish black and the normal scowl plastered across my face. I hated school especially since I was in middle school and have two learning disabilities (ADHD and Dyslexia).

When I got into the kitchen I grabbed a piece of toast and looked through the corner of my eye, there was the bus. Not again I thought as I quickly through my school stuff into my bag and ran out the door saying "Bye Mom and little Devils, and step Father." That was what I referred my younger siblings for I hate them but there family (for some strange reason we go to different schools) and as for my step father I did not quite like him either, he always treated me different. And he kept telling me that I'm just like my step sister who was just a few months older then me ran away when we were seven.

Getting on the bus I sat by myself like I normally did and put in my headphones to cancel everyone else out who was on the bus. I didn't like being with others and I got picked on for that, though it always turns out badly for the people that do. I'm on probation at the moment with the school for the accidents that happen to the students that bug me but I don't understand what happens to them and have nothing to do with it will I don't think I have anything to do with it?

Well today we made an extra stop on the way to the prison they call a school. And there was a boy and a girl that walked. The boy wore a pair of torn blue jeans and orange Tee, shaggy black hair and sea blue green eyes. The girl wore an orange Tee, blue jeans and what looked like a hat sticking out of her pocket, her hair was blond and in a tidy high pony tail and has stormy gray eyes. I looked at her think that I knew her from somewhere.

They walked passed every sit on the bus. The guy sat in the empty set in front of me and the girl just walked passed him. She then made the biggest mistake of her life, she sat beside me.

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