My Neighbor is Who?! (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Okay soooo I really hope that you guys like this story! I'm currently still in the process of writing the 3rd chapter. Soooo yeah.
Characters:Alaina: 15, long chocolate brown hair, light green eyes-will say no more lol
Pattie:Justin's mom
Justin (Bieber):Dir u knew who I meant. Anyway, he's 15 and is just starting his career
Ryan Butler, Chaz Somers and probably a lot more people down the line. Guess u gotta read to find out more!
By the way, GTHA means get the h3ll away

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: New Neighbor

I hear the newest neighbor's U-Haul truck pull into the drive way next to mine, signaling that it's time for me to begin "Operation GTHA". I sign out of my facebook and twitter, log out of my user and put my lap top beside me. I stretch a little then get up and walk over to the window to see what these people look like. My mom said that they were from Canada. When she told me this I prayed continuesly that it wouldn't be that jerk/ex-bestfriend of mine, Justin Bieber, that I had also previously had a crush on in the 8th grade. My mom's hugging the lady which means that she's not just any lady. She's Pattie Mallette, Justin's mom.

I walk away from my window and into my bathroom. I pull the hair tie out of my long wavy chocolate brown hair and brush it for a good 2 minutes. I sigh and go to my closet to pick out something to wear and decide on wearing the same lime green short shorts, black tube top and black flip flops that I had worn the day I left him. Which wasn't too long ago. Not even a year has gone by and now I have to see him again. I walk back into the bathroom to brush my teeth and apply some eyeliner and mascara before walking down stairs and out the front door. I close it behind me before walking over to my mom, dad and Pattie.

Not seeing Justin there both disappoints me and cheers me up. "Hey mom, hey dad!" I say smiling at them.

"Hi sweetheart," my mom says smiling back at me. "You remember Pattie, don't you?" She asks me.

"Yes of course! How could I ever forget sweet Pattie?" I ask turning to Pattie and giving her a hug. "How are you and Justin? Hope he hasn't been getting into too much trouble," I joke smiling at her. But her smile disappears.

"Actually, the amount of trouble that he's been getting into up in Stratford along with his new singing career is why we moved all the way down here," Pattie tells us.

"Oh I'm sorry. And also congrats. I hope things will be better and that Justin's career goes well," I reply despite my hate for him.

"Thank you Alaina. I know that he'll be happy to hear that. Especially if it comes straight from you. Let me go get him. He's probably hooked up his Xbox and is shooting away," she laughs as she walks away and into the house.

Justin's P.O.V.

I'm just about to get the round winning kill when my mom walks into the room and grabs the controller out of my hands. I get killed losing the round and instantly hear Ryan and Chaz yelling at me. "DUDE!" Ryan yells.

"C'MON! YOU SO HAD HIM!" Chaz adds.


"Ryan Butler! You better not say what I think you're going to say! How many times have I told you to watch your mouth?" My mom asks him.

"Oh! Hi Ms. Mallette! I bet you look lovely today!"

"Nice try Ryan. You're still in trouble. You're lucky I'm not telling your mother. Watch what you say," my mom warns.

"Yes Ms. Mallette," Ryan obeys.

"And hello Chaz. Hope your mother's well."

"Yes, she's fantastic. Have a nice day Ms. Mallette," Chaz says before signing off.

"Yeah, have a nice day. See ya man," Ryan says.

"See ya," I reply before we both sign out. That my mom knows how to do.

"Well, now that I can do what I came up here for," my mom sighs.

"Oh, no. Those are never good words to hear when they're coming from you," I say getting a weird anxious feeling in my stomach.

"I'm bringing you outside to see someone," she tells me placing a hand on my shoulder and guiding me downstairs, out the front door and infront of a man and woman that look sort of familiar.

"Where'd she go?" My mom asks them.

"Inside. She said something about getting some type of book from her room," the woman explains to my mom. "And this of course has to be Justin! Wow, he's gotten so big!" The woman exclaims.

"I know! He's grown so much since the last time we saw you and Daniel," my mom smiles.

"Got that right!" The man adds.

That's when a girl that looks around my age, comes running out of the house next to mine, with what looks like a scrapbook tucked under her arm. She stops right infront of me and that's when it hits me..... This isn't just any girl. This is Alaina Maire Bennette! Ohhhhhh crap... This is not going to end well. I grimace at the thoughts swimming through my head.

Alaina's P.O.V.

I stand there smiling with the scrapbook tucked under my arm filled with pictures of me and Justin when we were best friends, and my crush was just mine and my diary's little secret. Those were the best times, and now they're all I have left of my wonderful best friend. In those pictures, next to me, was the Justin everyone loved. The sweet, funny prankster that did well enough in school to pass tests and move on to the next grade. The Justin that went to school dances with me because, although he had normal crushes that he could've asked out, he didn't want to go with anyone but his best friend so she didn't feel left out. He's the Justin that was a somebody. Not the Justin he became in 8th grade. Not the one that abandoned his school work and stopped going to class because he'd rather makeout with his girlfriend-of-the-week behind the dumpster. Not the Justin that left me waiting, hoping, at home that he would show up smiling and with a bouquet of violet roses and a hand to hold. The day of our Spring Fling typed dance. Ever since that night I've hated him. Well tried to. Then, as if that wasn't enough, someone I thought was my friend stole my diary during a sleep over and snuck into the main office the next morning to read my confession of me having a crush on Justin to the whole school. And, adding that this crush had been going on since the 3rd grade. I can still remember that day clearly.

I was sitting there with my notebook open to a little story I had started writing and I was re-reading it when Emily's voice spread through the classroom leaving confused expressions on everyone's faces. As soon as she said the date I knew she was the one that stole my diary last night. She started reading and my whole body tensed up. After she finished, I looked over at Justin and his face showed shock, embarrassment, and the sign of laughter being held back. Then, Emily said "Love, Alaina Marie Bennette." The second she said my name, I bolted for the door, not stopped by anyone. Tears were streaming down my face, blurring my vision. Unfortunately, I could hear just fine. I heard Justin calling after me and I turned around to see the rest of the class, along with him now, laughing at me. I spun back around and ran out the door of the school, never looking back. After that, I stopped going to school and eventually, my mom went and got my things from my locker and principal.

The day I left, I called and told Justin I was moving. He didn't believe me of course. He thought I was joking, being ridiculous. So I told him to come see for himself. He came and stared at the moving truck and plane ticket in my hand in disbelief. I remember asking, "Now you believe me?", and him replying, "Yeah, but, why are you moving?" I just stood there laughing. Then I said, "You know dam* well why I'm leaving." I paused then said, "Aw, don't look so sad and sorry now 'best friend'.You knew what was coming when you and the rest of the class laughed at me that day. Guess it's not so funny any more Justin, now is it?" He shook his head no and I walked over to him in my lime green short shorts, black tube top and black flip flops. He stared at me with hurt eyes and I struggled to keep myself from ripping the plane ticket in half. I touched his cheek and leaned in like I was going to kiss him but leaned back slightly so that I could slap him across the face, when he grabbed my wrist and kissed me. Of course I kissed him back. I hated admitting it, but I still had a crush on him... then. Maybe even now. Who knows. But anyway, I pulled away and said the 3 words that I both regretted the most and was glad I said. "Good-bye, Justin." When I said those words, I felt free yet heart broken. I looked into his beautiful caramel eyes one last time, then walked away and climbed into the passenger seat, waiting for my mom to come outside, ready to move on.

And now, I stand here going back to the past as Justin stares at me in shock. I hate him for coming back. I had just finally gotten over him -sorta- and now he just comes moving himself back into my life.

Keep calm Alaina. Don't let him get to you, I tell myself. "Hi Justin. How've you been?" I ask him.

"Well...." He begins, looking at everyone's faces. "Why don't we go up to my room?" Justin suggests.

"Okay," I say following him inside. When we get inside he leads me up a staircase and to a bedroom with a bunch of boxes and an Xbox and TV that are already plugged in and set up. "Nice room," I say jokingly. I sit on the floor and crisscross my legs picking at a peeling sticker on the front of my scrapbook. Justin sits in front of me making me nervous. "So, why'd you wanna talk here?" I ask him.

"Because if you want the truth, it's a little personal. Since you left, I stopped telling people stuff. Well, exept Ryan and Chaz. I have no clue how many times I've talked to them about you." He smiles slightly but I just sit there having no idea what to say or do. "You know, I called you and left you messages, and I texted you for months and then you I guess changed your number? Did you atleast listen to the messages, or read the texts?" He asks me.

Honestly, I had. Everytime I heard his voice, I cried, every text I read broke my heart. But I guess I should tell him that since he's being so open with me.

"Yeah, I, uh, did. But, it hurt to much to still have you in my life. Little as you were. So I did change my number. And, anyway, I have a question. Why were you getting in so much trouble up in Stratford? Your mom said that all of the trouble you've been getting into along with your new singing career, is why you moved down here," I say singing career so that it sounds like a question.

"Oh, uh, yeah. Well, I started getting sent to detention all of a sudden. And detention was starting to lead to suspension and when I was about to be, um, expelled, some dude name Scooter Braun was contacting my family and well now, I'm signed with Usher. It's all pretty sureal." He tells me flipping his hair for surprisingly the first time since I spotted him.

"Well that's amazing. I hope things go well. Uh, but, I know why you started going to detention and stuff. I begged them to not send you to detention every day I was there, and they let you slide because I was such a good student and they were sure that I knew what I was talking about when I said that the Justin you had recently become, wasn't the real you. And because I left, I guess the deal was broken. But, um you can thank me for being the reason you were in school as long as you were," I say laughing uneasily.

"Oh, okay. Well thanks."

"You're welcome. So, any new girlfriends I should know about?" I ask him.

"No. After you left I stopped that whole, different-girlfriend-every-week stuff. I knew how much you hated it and since you moved because of me, I thought it was the least I could do." He responds.

"Well, thanks." I tell him.

"Anything for you. Um, I mean, like I said. It was the least I could do. But, are there any new boyfriends I should know about?" He asks me looking a little hesitant and awkward.

"Actually, no. But I have been asked out a few times by some guys from school. Other than that, I got nothin'." I say being honest.

"Oh well did you say yes to anyone?" He questions.

"No. Why? And why do you keep asking me all of these questions?" I eye him suspiciously.

"No reason. Just curious. Can't I try and catch up with my old childhood bestie? I mean it's not like I realized right before I kissed you that I liked you back or anything." Justin says looking everywhere except at me.

"Justin! You are so crushing on me!" I state accusingly.

"Psshh, what? Huh, um, no?" I cross my arms over my chest and raise an eyebrow at him. "Oh okay! I am! But you probably still hate me so it doesn't matter." He says picking up a controller and pressing some of the buttons avoiding my eyes. I roll my eyes and crawl over to him.

"Look, Justin, I do not hate you. Anymore. I mean, I was hurt. Crushed actually. But, wouldn't anyone be? Anyway, it's almost been a year now and I was thinking... Why don't we just put all of that behind us?" He looks up at me and smiles.

"That would be awesome! Thank you so much!" He hugs me tightly and hugs me for a few minutes until I finally get him to let go. After what seems like forever, he looks into my eyes and I feel my stomach flip, making me look away. Justin turns my face back towards him then leans in.

"Ju-" I get cut off by his lips being pressed against mine. At first I'm a little shocked but then I get over it and kiss back. He wraps his arms around my waist bringing me closer to him. I curl my fingers into his soft, perfect brown hair getting lost in the show of fireworks that are going off all around us. I brake the kiss for a second to look at Justin.

"Why'd you pull away? Is there something wrong? I shouldn't have forced that kiss on you like that," Justin says putting his head in his hands.

"No, there's nothing wrong. And you didn't really force that kiss on me. I did kiss back. I pulled away because I just wanted to get a good look at you." I tell him moving his hands away from his face.

"Oh, I feel stupid." He says laughing.

"You're not stupid. Well not any more now that you've come to your senses and decided to become the old Justin that I know and love." I say laughing with him.

"I am really sorry about becoming such a jerk. I think I was going through one of those awkward stages you go through as a teen when you're trying to find out who you really are and stuff. But, I promise to never be a jerk again." He looks dead serious when he says this.

"Okay, I believe you," I say smiling.

"Good. So, is that a scrapbook?" He asks me pointing to the big scrapbook on the floor next to me, open to the page where there's a picture of Justin kissing my cheek and me blushing wildly. The picture was taken in 4th grade at one of the dances. The theme had been "Special Someone",(stupid I know but I had to think of the corniest/dumbest name for a 4th grade dance cause teachers have like no imagination hahaha). The dance was meant for two kids who were either bestfriends or "boyfriend" and "girlfriend". Justin had asked me to be his "special someone" and I accepted happily. That was the best day ever!

I pick up the book and sit it on one of mine and Justin's legs. I touch the photo and smile. "I remember that," Justin tells me smiling too. "You definitely were and still are my special someone." He says kissing the top of my head and I blush.

"Diddo," I laugh. He looks down at me like he was expecting to hear something more. I think a little bit then know what I'm going to say. I caress his face and lean in so that our noses are practically touching. I close my eyes then whisper, "I love you." I keep my eyes closed but I know he's smiling and his eyes have developed that sparkle that they always used to get when he was around me.

I feel his hand on my back as he leans me back slightly then slides his arm under the underside of my knees while he shifts so that he's kneeling, before he stands up with me still in his arms. I open my eyes and smile at him. He smiles back and spins around. Instantly, I tuck my head in the curve of his neck, all the while, the same smile is still spread across my face.

"I love you too," he whispers in my ear.

"You better! I went through h3ll and back to finally get you to say that," I laugh.

"I bet you have. And I promise, I'll make me being a jerk up to you," he puts me down but still holds me close.

"You don't have to do that. You already have." I tell him. He smiles and kisses me, tightening his grip and pulling me as close to him as humanly possible.

I think I'm going to like having him here after all, I think as Justin continues to give me butterflies and make me blush with the touch of his soft lips against mine.

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