Mon histoire française ..... c'est aléatoire : Translations

Using Google. It's hilarious.

Chapter 1

Luna and the Hobos

I will now tell a story. I will speak only in French.

There was once a girl named Luna. She loved the bush kicked in the streets. She also liked hobos kiss, even if the tramp was his cousin, Stan.

One day Luna just happened to walk by a bunch of bums. She was in a mood very kisses, she went to them.

"Hello, tramps," said Luna. "Do you need a little love?"

"Yes," said one of the tramps. "I need lots of love."

"Well, I'll give you a little love." Luna knelt to kiss the bum, but he hit in the face.

"You fvcking asshole!" Luna shouted. It launched him an acorn. He landed in his beard. Suddenly his beard was on fire.

"Oh, biitch!" cried the tramp. His beard covered his entire face, so in a few minutes there was nothing left but a charred skull.

Luna watched in wonder the glans. So she took him to examine the rest of the tramps fled.

"Hello," said the glans. Luna jumped. She did not expect to speak.

"Uh, hello," said Luna. "Now what the hell?"

"I'm a magic acorn," said the glans.

Luna looked at him. His stomach growled, so she ate the magic acorn. Then she turned into a squirrel, and was crushed by a truck hobo


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