Her Eyes (A Damon Salvatore Love Story)

Name: Sasha Carlson
Age: 17
Appearance description: Black hair, brown eyes, full lips, pale-skinned, about 5'5
Personality and other thingies: She acts a little diva and she's so stubborn. She lives with her mom. Her dad is dead in an accident. She's not a vampire. She's a little nosy but she's caring. She can be loud too.

Chapter 1

Mystic Falls

I pushed my hands free in my ear. I listened to Adele's "someone like you". It definitely matched my position. Mystic falls seemed like a vary sad town. It's streets were shadowy and foggy. I couldn't even think of walking alone... I asked my mom, Mina:
"Why did we move here again?"
She had her eyes fixed on the road like she was expecting a spirit to appear in front of us:
"Because, Sasha, It's the town full of fresh news, It's a good position for me."
I sighed:
"What about me?"
She gave me the quote that have been used against me since like when I was 7:
" Sometimes people have to bare some hard things for each other."
My mom worked for a police department. She figured things out I guess. I nagged:
"At least don't drop me off at school next time. I mean... really? I'm 17 for crying out loud. People are gonna laugh specially as I'm a new face so..."
She looked at me for one second and then looked back to the road:
"This is the only day. I'll drop you where nobody can see."
I shook my head: "Whatever." I set my head on the forests that were next to the road. Scary... I shivered... I didn't have to walk to home did I? I focused on plan. Step one: make a friend. Step two: Fit in. Step three: suck up to teachers. It's good for my situation you know.The stirs made an annoying sound as mom stopped suddenly. She murmured:
I looked at her:
"As Oops would change my situation? everybody is staring. I'm ruined... "
I got off the car trying to draw no attentions. I practically ran to the lot that most of the people call it "school". This was the mystic falls school. It's lot was stylish in the view but harsh on the Eco. weeds. weeds and grasses. I turned my head off just to catch the sight of every looks on me. Come on. I'm just new. I'm not a martian I went in the school lot following the map to find the lady that's gonna hand me my schedule. I followed the ways into the little office. I looked at woman behind the table and smiled:
"Hello I'm Sasha Carlson. I-i wanted my schedule."
"Sasha Carlson you say?"
I nodded. She pulled out a bunch of papers from her desk and gave them to me:
"Here you go, honey."
"Thank you." I turned away and I caught the sight of a tiny-figured girl with blond hair. She came closer by one step:
"Hey... I'm Caroline."
Step one. Check
I smiled as sweetly as I could:
"I'm Sasha. Newbie."
She sighed:
"I know. Everybody are going on and on... and on and on - about you."
She started walking and I walked by her:
"I just got here."
Caroline brushed her hair away from her face and said:
"It's a small town, Sasha. People talk... a lot. Specially boys. You know what I mean..."
I rolled my eyes:
"They don't know. They haven't even seen me."
I was already talking about boys with a girl in my new school? I'm lucky. No I really am. At least I'm not a loser ... yet.

TBC... Damon will obviously be in the next chapter... this one was a start. So comment a and rate guys

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