A King Falls For A Peasant (Love Story)

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Chapter 1


by: Megaronii
In a far way land, a Queen is in labor. She sits on the bed, twisting in pain.
"Push, My Lady." Her mid-wife said. The Queen was only 16 years old. She was forced to marry the King, he was trying to produce a heir to the throne, a son. The wives before her were killed because they only produced daughters.
The Queen trembled. In seconds, her back arched, her neck stretched, she gritted her teeth. Her stomach deflated in seconds.
A baby's cry pierced the air. The Queen gasped, and fell back.
"A girl." Her Mid-Wife said, sighing as she did so. Another dead...she thought.
The Queen shrieked and thrashed. Screaming "There must be a mistake. No! Check again. NO! No! No!"
"A Name? Whats her name, My Lady?" A doctor said, trying to soothe the thrashing Queen.
That stopped the Queen. Her daughter? Her name? Her...she only thought of male names. She had to think she was going to have a son. She had too.
"A name?" She asked, laying still. She got on her elbows and peered into the lacy blanket, to find a beautiful little girl. She had light auburn hair. Curls already forming. Her face was peaceful as she slept. Her rosy cheeks blooming the sunlight. She was beautiful. Natural.
The Queen mumbled something. She didnt have a name.
"How about Belle?" The Mid-wife said under her breathe.
"What? What was that?" The young Queen said, her eyes widening.
"Belle? Means Beautiful." She said.
"Thats perfect." The Queen smiled, making her face glisten with sweat. Than it turned into a scared whimper.
"We must hurry." The Queen said, getting up and throwing away her clothes.
"Bathe me. Prepare the horses. We must hurry!" She said, pointing and demanding servants to pack her bags, prepare the horses, help her.
"Queen Trina? What is it? What about Belle?" The mid-wife said, walking behind the Queen.
"Put her down. Bathe me. Hurry!" The Queen insisted, as the mid-wife laid the young princess down.
She stripped the Queen. Started to pump water into the tub, throwing soaps and oils into the water, making it glimmer in the light. The Queen jumped into the warm water, setting her self.
The mid-wife began to clean. Making the Queen become shiny and fresh.
In no time, the Queen was washed, dried, dressed and running thrown the front doors of the castle to the carriage. Dragging the Mid-wife with Belle in her hands, after the Queen.
The Queen kept muttering...we must hurry....he cannot know....must find her.
The Mid-wife did not ask why or where the Queen is taking her.
As they settled into the carriage, and started off in the direction of the Peasant's Village, the Queen ripped Belle off the Mid-wife's hands, staring at her daughter.
The Queen stared at her beautiful daughter's face, drinking in her details. Her hair shiny in the light. Her pale, creamy face glowing, her rosy red cheeks sparkling, and her darling curls. Her daughter would be the fairest of the all. Even her own mother. The Queen laughed at that.
Knowing in a couple of minutes her daughter will not be Princess Belle the beautiful lady, no her daughter will be a Peasant girl given the gift of beauty.
Just a lucky girl, who will get the Knight's attention, but she will not be a Princess or Queen. She will be nothing.
Tears streaked down the Queen's face, her daughter will be nothing.

As the Queen was wept with grief. A young girl was in labor. Pushing, her baby's head pushed out. The girl, shook with exhaustion. Her mother held the baby in her hands, sighing and looking at her grandson. She turned to her daughter, to see her daughter. Staring at the baby, a smile forming on her lips. She grandmother was about to laugh and kiss her, until she realized her daughter's eyes have glistened over, her chest not moving, her smile still trying to form.
Her daughter was dead. Her grandson's mother was dead. Her daughter.
She looked at the newborn, seeing only her daughter's death on his wailing face. She hated this baby for taking her only child away.
Her beautiful daughter gone.
But she knew her daughter would be appalled if she knew her mother was thinking this. She turned her face away from the baby, now sleeping. Not even knowing he killed his own mother. His peaceful face disgusted her. She laid him, gently, in his crib. And and wrapped her daughter in a sheet. Carrying her outside.
She grabbed her chipped shovel and began digging. She dung for many hours. The baby crying in the house, she than rolled her daughter into the grave. Covered her up with dirt.
"I love you. With all my heart. Goodbye my sweet, sweet Lilla." She said, as tears rolled down her cheeks. She didn't blink them away she couldn't. She accepted them. She only stayed there for awhile, staring at the grave.
She wanted to cover the grave with flowers, but here in the Peasant Village there was no flowers. No color. Just pain, and hatred.
She turned and walked to the house, never glancing back.
She gathered the newborn into her frail arms, looking at the young face. His dark hair covered in mess. He was normal. He wasn't handsome or hideous. He was normal, plain. Just like every other peasant.
She heard a knock at the door. She set the boy down and wiped her hands.
She opened the door to find the Queen standing there.
"Queen Trina." She said, bowing her head and curtsying.
The Queen smiled but it did not meet her eyes. Her eyes were empty, lost hope.
"Peasant. I heard that your daughter is in labor. I oppose a offer." She said, trying to peer around me.
"Come in. Um, My Lady, my daughter gave birth to a healthy boy today. Um, she..she didn't make it through." She forced the last part out. The Queen smiled for a moment than frowned.
"Is the son alright?" She said, nervously glancing around as I led her into my house.
The son? Doesn't she mean daughter? No...she doesn't care for my daughter. I hate this lady. I would throw her out my door, if I could. But i just stood there and nodded. I led her to his crib, waved my hand over him and glancing out the window to the grave.
"He is perfect." The Queen said, touching his face.
"My Lady, was what you are here to offer?" I asked, getting nervous.
"Yes, Yes of course. As you know, my husband has married and married trying to find a wife to bear him a heir to the throne, a son. The wives that do not, are simply tossed aside, and he kills the daughters and he moves to the next one. Earlier this morning, i gave birth to a child. A daughter. I will be killed and my baby will be killed when he hears of the news. My daughter is healthy and perfect. I value my life and hers, and i wish to stay Queen. I am opposing that you and I switch children. You may have my beautiful daughter and me your handsome grandson." She looked at my grandson as she said the last part.
I was stunned.
Switch...babies? Never having to see the face that killed my daughter? He would be cared for, he would be strong. My daughter would be happy to see him happy and living a wonderful life. And i would get a daughter? A daughter who could patch my heart up? She would clean, cook, garden, sew for me. I needed her. And i planned to give up my only grandson to the Queen.
"Yes, My Lady. You may have him. I have not named him. You will be privileged to do so." I said, picking him up and laying him on her arms.
Her young face glowing. She smiled at me. She snapped her fingers. And a Mid-Wife who was standing in the shadows appeared with a blanket in her hands. The servants face was ashy and gray. She reluctantly gave me the the bundle of blankets.
"Of course, you must never tell her, who she really is. But for your such great hospitably, every month i will send you some money. Of course you should still have a job. But i want you to spoil my daughter." She said, staring at the face that took my breathe away. How could something so young, so new be so beautiful?
"Yes-Yes, okay. Thank you Queen Trina. Does she have a name?" I asked.
"Yes, her name is Belle. For beauty."
"Perfect." i said, kissing her nose. She squirmed in the blankets. Opening her eyes, making us all gasp. Her eyes were light, silver blue. Specks of green were glowing in her eyes. Making them perfect.
We sighed. The Queen began to head towards the door. We said goodbyes.She kissed my cheek. And kissed her daughter, whispering in her ear. She turned to leave, but looked back at me.
"Your grandson will be great, he will make history....And your daughter? She was lovely. I hope you see her soon. Oh and take care of daughter....please. If she asks for me or ask about me, please tell her i died. But tell her i greatly loved her. More than my own life." The Queen said, tears swimming in her eyes. I nodded.
Making the promise burn into my mind..
She smiled once more and left. Her carriage making dust fly up behind it. I stared until i couldn't see the black dot driving away.
I looked down. To see perfect eyes staring back up to me. She was frowning, she knew she just lost someone she loved.
"Welcome home, Belle." I whispered and walked into my house. I laid the baby down and had barely enough time to lay on my bed before grief overcame me, and i sobbed, and shaked and wept for my daughter, in the backyard, seeing her son be taking away from his home.
Did i make the right choice?

Author's Notee! :D
Which ya thinkkk???
Good, Bad or AMAZING?
Should i make more???? Hmmm? :D

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