In the dark

This is a group story that I am writing with some of my quibblo friends (thank you to everyone, who has given me ideas and wants to write a chapter)

It is a horror story about a group of friends who get lost while on a school trip

The first chapter shall be an introduction to how they got lost in the first place.(not very scary)

Chapter 1

How it all happend

One moring four friends were slowly making their way to their geography class. Ugh I hate geography, it's so boring, Jane said while poking Jake, who looked like he was sleepwalking Ouch! why the hell are you poking me Jane, Jake whined. You look like a zombie, I know it's monday moring, but could you at least try to look happy. Jake looked at Richard, who was mumbling something about being cheerful and mondays not being two things that go together Jane ignored him and turned to Maria, who was quietly standing at the back of the group are you okay Maria, Jane asked. Oh yeah I am fine, Maria quickly replied

In Geography

The four took their seats at the back of the classroom A few minutes later a tall, elderly-looking woman walked in. I have some fantastic news class, I have organised a trip to the nearby forest, where we can survey the area the woman said cheerfully. One of the students said nervously, isn't that where all those people disappeared from the other week. The women replied, that was probably some silly story someone made up to scare people, that forest is perfectly safe, I have been there many times.

2 hours later

The four friends made there way to a bench outside and sat down. Do you think it's true Richard asked. Whats true? Jane asked. Those dissappearences in the forest you dummy, Richard answerd annoyed. Oh that, I don't know mabye when we go on the trip we should check the place out and see if there is any evidence of it or stuff like that, Jane said happily. Like detectives, Jake said also happy. Yeah that would be awesome Richard said, while eating his sandwich. Erm I am not to sure about this guys. Maria said quietly. Why not it will be fun, Jake said. Yeah it sounds fun, but what if the story is true and we disappear and are never seen again, maria replied. Don't worry we will be fine if we stick together and keep an eye out for eachother, Jane said reasureingly.

A week later on the day of the trip

All the student piled onto the bus, fighting to get a seat. Through all this somehow Jane, Jake, Maria and Richard had got the back row. So does everone know the plan, Jane asked. Yes we go with the goup at first, then sneak off when no one s looking they all replied quietly.

At the forest

Everyone was standing, listening to Mrs Brookfeild babble on about th trees, Jake saw this as an oppertunity to sneak off. He nuged Jane and whispered, lets go now while everyone is listening to Mrs Brookfeild. Jane nodded and told Richard and Maria to go.

5 minutes later

The four friends had been walking around looking for anything that looked suspicious, but had found nothing. Ugh this boring we have been walking around for ages and what have we found? nothing, thats what, Richard moaned. Maybe we should head back to the group, Maria suggested. Your right there obviously isn't anything and like Mrs Bookfeild said, the story was made up to scare people, Jane said sadly. One problem with that plan guys Jake said looking worried. Whats that Jane said. Jake slapped his head and said annoyed. Haven't you noticed that the group is no where to be seen, how can we join back up with them, if we can't find them?.We are lost? Jane said confused. Yes the other three shouted. Sometimes you are a dummy Jane Jake said, shaking his head.

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