Invisible . . . Most of the Time

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Chapter 1

Maybe it Wasn't a Mistake

Students were milling around me as i entered Airy Mountain High School. I kept my head down, trying to be invisible as always. Nobody paid any attention to me, and i liked it that way. With an alcoholic mom, a dead dad, and anger issues of my own, it was probably best that nobody got too close.

I successfully maneuvered my way in-between students, avoiding physical contact at all costs. My back and face began to perspire, becoming overwhelmed by the heat and noise of the hallways.

I quickly got my stuff out of my locker and went to homeroom, just waiting for something to render my blind or deaf. Or dead, you know. I burrowed deeper into my black sweatshirt.

Some guy smacked the back of my head. I jerked in my seat. The do_u_che and his friends started laughing like hyenas. I growled to myself. I was invisible . . . most of the time. I hated when i wasn't, because that was when people could see how ugly and self-hating i was.

The bell rung, thank the non-existent god, and i breathed a sigh of relief. I slowly rose from my seat, enduring yet another smack in the head. I fumed, hissing through my teeth. As the dude walked out of the door, I spit on him. He turned slowly and gave me the death stare. I stared back, unflinching. He whirled around and stormed through the hall. I raised a brow.

As i entered my first class, I spotted Kira Dempsey. She glanced up at me and smirked, her eyes emitting a warning. I snarled at her.

Lesson number 1: When I'm invisible to everyone, the only people that notice me are jocks and wh/ores.

Chase, the guy who sat next to me, barely moved a muscle. I looked at him hopefully, wondering that if i openly stared at him, he might notice. He didn't.

I swallowed thickly and stared ahead. The murmurings of classmates and the constant timbre of Mr. Watson's voice all registered in my head as white noise. As Mr. Watson stopped talking, Kira turned in her chair to assess me. At Kira's movement, Chase looked from her to me, acting like i was a dead bug.

"So, Violet, I was just wondering . . ."

Oh, here it goes.

"Does your mom beat you?"

Kira is always full of hurtful things to say. Really, it's terrible that she should be making fun of my broken family. She is a terrible person.

She tilted her head, trying to keep the smile off of her face. "I was just wondering because she's not very stable, you know. And your dad died not too long ago. Though i doubt she loved him." She narrowed her eyes. "You know what? Never mind."

I raised my brow.

"What?! Your mom didn't really love your dad. She was a s!uT." Kira looked me up and down. "Now i know where you get it from."

Her statement made zero sense, but it still infuriated me. My eyes burned with a bright fire, and my fury blinded me. From my face, down to the pit of my soul, it was visible that Kira was in trouble.

The next events were ones that i cannot recall, but i know that it ended up with someone pulling me away from Kira's bleeding body.


I was sitting in the principal's office, staring down at my hands. She paced back and forth, awaiting the news from the nurse's office. Apparently my attack had been pretty bad.

Mrs. Benson shook her head, occasionally looking at me with a frightened expression. I ignored her. My body was empty, devoid of my soul. I felt . . . nothing. I couldn't even feel weird about feeling nothing.

Kira's brother, Simon, suddenly burst through the door, his handsome face marred with tears. "You!" He pointed an accusing finger at me, which i stared at with disinterest. My eyes traveled to his face as he spoke his next words.

"You killed my sister!"

He and the principal both stared at me, awaiting my answer.

I smile slowly crept it's way across my face.

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