Lila Brooke was always a shy, mysterious girl. Alaina Locke was the most popular, liked girl in the school. They were as different as can be, but Lila still had a major crush on Alaina. When their paths cross, they learn that sometimes it's not the gender that matters - it's the soul.

Chapter 1

A Love Letter

The sunlight shone on my right, casting dancing shadows across the golden field. Alaina slowly turned to me, running her thin hand through my hair. Her golden hair blew behind her, and her butter-like pink lips gave me a crooked smile.
"Lila..." She whispered, coming closer to me. Her lips parted, and she softly kissed me. My body went numb and I couldn't hold back a huge smile. I looked deeply into her deep blue eyes, entranced by her.
"I love you." She finished.
I nodded, happiness taking over me and we pressed our foreheads together. I imagined the sun showing between our faces.
We fell to the grass together, holding hands, both of us breathing heavily.
We both fell asleep like that, completely and utterly in love.

I woke up, still feeling our hands together but realizing I was in my bed. Alaina wasn't there. It was just a dream.
A single tear rolled down my face when I finally got that this never happened.
"LILA! WAKE UP!" I heard my mom yell from inside the kitchen. I wiped my tear away, quickly getting up and trying to focus on the beautiful autumn leaves instead of Alaina.
"Good morning, mom." I said groggily, grabbing the plate of eggs she made me off the counter.
"Hi, honey. What are you doing today?" She asked sweetly.
My mom is way, way, WAY too over protective. She has to know what I'm doing at all times. Ever since my dad was killed in an accident walking home from work, she refuses to let me go anywhere alone.
"Just going to school, then coming home."
I quickly gobbled my eggs up, trying to avoid more conversation with my mom. Rushing upstairs, I grabbed my favorite T-shirt, a pair of light skinny jeans, and slipped on some chestnut colored Uggs. I added my special necklace with a guitar on it, placing it softly on my neck. Sighing, I headed to the bathroom and brushed my chocolate brown hair out, pulling it back in a ponytail.
I headed out the door, softly exclaiming "Bye mom" before slamming the door. I walked down the street, shoving my iPod in my ears so that I could block out all my thoughts of Alaina.

When I arrived at school, I quickly looked around to see if anyone was coming over to me. When the coast was clear, I charged towards the school, walking inside as casually as I could. Again, I checked to see if anyone was looking at me. No one was. So I opened the creaky door and quickly shut it behind me. Climbing up the rickety wooden stairs, I tried my best not to make too much noise. I climbed up a few more flights, then finally came to a light blue painted door. I stepped inside, walking into a musty, storage room with a telescope sitting next to a small window. I turned on the light and walked over to the telescope. Sitting in a director's chair, I put my eye up to the telescope, and watched the people getting off the bus below.
In this room at the top of the school, I could see the whole campus below me. Through the telescope, I could see everyone's littlest feature. This is where I came every morning to look for Alaina.
I spotted her bus, #26, and pointed my telescope towards the bus door.
I saw her walk out, and I zoomed in, feeling relieved at the very sight of her face. She had her golden hair in a messy bun in the back of her head, and was wearing dangly gold earrings. She laughed at something her friend, Christina, was whispering in her ear. She was flawless, with a handful of freckles scattered across her nose. She looked up, and she looked right into the telescope. At first I thought she was looking at me, and I gasped. But she just looked back down and laughed at Christina's whisper again.
I looked at her outfit. She wore a light blue belly shirt, a black guitar printed on it, and a white tank top underneath. Skinny jeans made her long legs just look longer and more beautiful.
I sighed, following her as she moved towards the gray railing by the pond, where she hung out with her friends during the morning.
Alaina was popular. She was not that kind of girl who ignores you in the hallway, and laughs at you right in front of your face. Not at all. In fact, she was the sweetest, most caring and gorgeous girl in the school. We were friends, and I don't know if she knew how I felt about her.
I watched her for the next ten minutes, every single one of her moves making my heart leap.
I knew I was bisexual since I was eleven, when I liked Tommy Rainford but kissed Olivia Lightbourn. I didn't have a problem with it - but I never, EVER told my parents. I don't know what they would do to me.
And here I am, fourteen, a freshman in high school, and loving Alaina Lock.
The bell rang, and I scrambled down the stairs, suddenly remember the honors math test I had today. I groaned and tucked a flyaway hair behind my ear.
I bumped into someone, and I fell backwards, knocking the stuff out of the other persons hands.
"Oh my goodness, I'm so sor-" I looked up, realizing I had just bumped into Alaina. I rushed to pick up her stuff and handed it to her.
"Thanks, Lila." She said, smiling. "You okay?"
I nodded sheepishly, forcing a smile.
She smiled, showing her perfectly straight pearly whites. "Good. See you around."
She walked pass me, and I waited three seconds before turning back around to watch her. To my surprise, she was looking back, and she gave me a small wave. I waved, too, turning my back, blushing, and headed quickly to my math class.

By the end of the day, I was more in love with Alaina. She's so funny, cool, nice.... everything I could ever ask for. I slowly walked up the stairs, and ran into my room, closing my bedroom door behind me.
I've been planning out my love letter all day. I would send it to Alaina, but not put my name on it. Not make it obvious it was a GIRL'S hand writing. But make sure she knew how in love I was with her.
I got out my stationary, scribbling the letter out quickly on a pink piece of paper.
When I finished, I folded it up four times, sticking it in an envelope and not writing a return address. She didn't live too far away, I could probably quickly sneak out and put it in her mailbox...
And that's what I did. I closed the door so softly that I didn't even hear it, and I charged down the street. The early fall wind stung in my eyes, but I tried my best to keep them open.
A few blocks down, I reached her house, and stuck my letter into her mailbox, making sure no one was around to watch me.
I ran back to my house, and when I got back, my mom was still up in her room. So I lay on my bed, anticipating the moment she would open her mailbox and find the letter. I dozed off into sleep, dreaming of, of course, Alaina.

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