About Tanki Online

Chapter 1

Tanki Online Real players

by: dimoha2
Tanki Online so you start off playing as a noob. When you enter garage. But your only a private. A noob looks around in garage. He wishes to get all those tanks and weapons. First he has to achieve ranks and win crystals. So he can upgrade stuff in the garage. And wishes to become a marshal. To become a marshal its not easy to get to that point. It will take sometime playing to achieve that rank! I hate when players start to drug for gold. Even marshals there just like noobs. Because 100 crystals its noting worth it to them. To noobs its like wow gold box worth 100 crystals. But if to think about it its like noting worth! Even for me gold its like noting to go crazy for it not worth it! 100 crystals big deal. When i used to get gold i was so happy :). But now i don,t even bother going for it. Waste of drugs for noting and waste of time! If you can win battlefund triple of that gold! You can even go for gold without drugging. You can get it if you get lucky.


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