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I'm merging all of the quotes, stories, and convos into one story, because I'm making too many. So, read!

Chapter 1

Convo: Me & Lyric

Lyric Taylor: hey
Me: hey niece. still pregnant?
Lyric Taylor: yep
Me: how's bobby?
Lyric Taylor: its not bobby its bentley
Me: you changed it?
Lyric Taylor: yes... on tuseday
Me: well why didn't you tell your favorite aunt that?
Lyric Taylor: i thought i did
Me: You didn't. Are you wearing shorts right now?
Lyric Taylor: no
Me: Okay. Good. Because then you'd probably have on more than one pair. Have you showered yet?
Lyric Taylor: yes... like 5 times
Me: thank god. wait. we've only been back for 2 days
Lyric Taylor: i know
Me: why so many?
Lyric Taylor: idk
Me: how many times a day?
Lyric Taylor: i forgot
Me: why so many?!?
Lyric Taylor: idk
Me: Sigh. Well, how is bentley?
Lyric Taylor: good
Me: Good. You do know that Piper's your sister, right?
Lyric Taylor: yes, why is she sister
Me: what do u mean?
Lyric Taylor: why did lucy make her my sister
Me: i have no clue. amber is also your sister
Lyric Taylor: WHAT
Me: yes. your direct siblings are: isabella, glen, piper, amber, maddie lane, nyah, and katelyn
Lyric Taylor: WOW
Me: do u want to know your cousins?
Lyric Taylor: YES.. i was just going to ask
Me: well, here they are! my daughters: zoe, ava, hannah l., rebekah, savvy, janet, makayla. rachel: cord, hannah t., liam, marley, nrooke, karista, jared b., madeline, griffin p, ethen, grace, maddie c
Lyric Taylor: that is ALOT
Me: Yes, it is. and then there's bentley for u
Lyric Taylor: HEY... im going to jump in the shower, how long r u going to stay on
Me: forever. seriously. im not going to get off. really, another shower?
Lyric Taylor: yep, so can we talk in about 20 min
Me: yeah
Lyric Taylor: k
Me: bye
Lyric Taylor: im back. i just had i short shower, and now am wearing shorts
Me: one pair?
Lyric Taylor: i only found one
Me: so, ur saying u want to be wearing two?
Lyric Taylor: no, im saying i want to wear 4
Me: i should have just taken ur red pair of shorts home
Lyric Taylor: yep, because i am wearing them
Me: sigh. and, are u wearing ur glee jacket?
Lyric Taylor: not now, but i was today
Me: u need some more clothes
Lyric Taylor: i have like 18 pairs of shorts. i just like these because they r my softball shorts
Me: u need clothes BESIDES shorts
Lyric Taylor: i have tons
Me: then why do u only where shorts and ur glee jacket?
Lyric Taylor: idk
Me: my point exactly
are you doing anything over fall break?
Lyric Taylor: nop
Me: good cuz my mom says i mite be able to have a sleep over and if i do u will be invited
Lyric Taylor: SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Me: yeah. my mom said like only 2 or 3 people so probably like u, hannah, and lucy
Lyric Taylor: cool
Me: Ya. ARG im just so bored. what are u doing?
Lyric Taylor: watching tv
Me: Ah. I'm just being on the computer like I always am
Lyric Taylor: o, but im bored to because im a 14 year that is doing nothing on a friday night
Me: oh, shut up. ur pregnant, u need to be doing nothing on a friday night. who knows what u would be up to?
Lyric Taylor: well, i would be out partying
Me: my point. then, what would happen?
Lyric Taylor: i dont know wink wink
Me: MY POINT!!!!!!!!!!
Lyric Taylor: r u married
Me: In the fake family?
Lyric Taylor: 2 who
Me: No, I'm not.
Lyric Taylor: o, so ur a single mom that has like 7 kids
Me: Yes. Rachel is a single mom of 12 (11?) kids.
Lyric Taylor: what about lucy
Me: single now, as far as i know. do u know what brooke said to rachel?
Lyric Taylor: no what
Me: That she wishes that she was her biological mother. Rachel asked who the father would be and Brooke said whoever she has a crush on. Her crush is her son
Lyric Taylor: WHAT
Me: Do you have any idea what i just said?
Lyric Taylor: no, but just tell me who is crushing on who
Me: Rachel likes Griffin. Duh
Lyric Taylor: p
Lyric Taylor: omg
Me: You didn't know?
Lyric Taylor: no, but im so slow
Me: Lyric, she's liked him since the middle of last year
Lyric Taylor: i think she told me that but i didnt remember
Me: how can u not remember that valuable piece of info? she's ur aunt 4 cryin' out loud
Lyric Taylor: idk
Me: She'd be arrested, u know, if she actually had brooke with griffin (i know, that's just thinking wrong, but, stating the facts) because he'd be a minor
Lyric Taylor: then it would just be sad that brooke would be at the same iq of them
Me: is that what you think of when i say that? wow. and i want ur sister to give me candy
Lyric Taylor: what
Me: nyah. i want her to give me more candy. i ate all of what she gave me in the cabin
Lyric Taylor: dang
Me: i know. i forgot about so i ate it now. arg. are u still freaked out (or paranoid, i should say) about mister herrington
Lyric Taylor: no i was just acting..... im a good acter right
Me: okay. sure, u were acting. because u didn't need me to walk u to the bathroom and u weren't scared when we turned the lights off
Lyric Taylor: fine i was not acting
Me: my point. ur not really a good actor, lyric. that's how we all knew. and maybe the fact that u couldn't freakin' sleep!!!!
Lyric Taylor: well, i can never sleep
Me: true. but do u always stay up until 2 watching people do pushups?
Lyric Taylor: haha, but no
Me: exactly. did you see who ms, shcimenti made do it?
Lyric Taylor: no
Me: man! then it's no fun. did u see her actually go into cabins?
Lyric Taylor: no, but i do know that austin c had to
Me: haha!!! how do u know?
Lyric Taylor: he told me
Me: well, thta's a logical explanation as is to how you know. u know what jay told me?
Lyric Taylor: told u what
Me: that all the boys said that they loved each other before they went to sleep
Lyric Taylor: WHAT
Me: I know. Crazy rite?
Lyric Taylor: YES
Me: What is something weird and noteworthy that happened in cabin 2? besides the thing with serena and ur..."family talk"
Lyric Taylor: i dont know
Me: those were the most memorable, werent they? and ur face after the campfire, or...yeah that's it
Lyric Taylor: i guess
Me: i'm thinking about making a sign for my locker that says "what happens at 4H stays at 4H"
Lyric Taylor: cool make me one
Me: k. i should make one for everyone in our cabin. because some weird things did happen. who didn't want "protection" (bug spray)?
Lyric Taylor: lucy was so funny when she said that
Me: that was her, okay. i was wondering. did she mean for it to be that way?
Lyric Taylor: what way
Me: U know...
Lyric Taylor: bug spray or the other
Me: depends on what the other is. if its....then yes
Lyric Taylor: the bug spray
Me: what do you mean?
Lyric Taylor: it is what she meant
Me: the bug spray is what she meant? good. that's not what it sounded like, though. ;-)
Lyric Taylor: thats why it was so funny
Me: then again, we are funny. what's with zoe and candy corn?
Lyric Taylor: idk
Me: why does janet like to eat it off of people's beds?
Lyric Taylor: what
Me: Janet went around eating it off of people's beds
Lyric Taylor: thats nasty
Me: were you even in there?
Lyric Taylor: idk
Me: it's nasty, says the girl who ate toothpaste when serena wouldn't give her gum
Lyric Taylor: well it was good
Me: you said...nevermind, lyric. nevermind. you are just the most unpredictable person
Lyric Taylor: i know
Me: why did we laugh whenever someone moved ta night?
Lyric Taylor: what
Me: at night, in the cabin. whenever someone moved, or coughed, or yawned, why did we laugh?
Lyric Taylor: idk, but it was fun
Me: yes, it was. i'd rather be at camp than at fall break, wouldn't u?
Lyric Taylor: yes
Me: I'm going to ask my mommy if i can go to the summer camp. then we'd get to swim in little bigby. and the critter dude would learn my name
Lyric Taylor: wow
Me: yeah. it would also give me something to do in our extremely short summer ,seeing as we start school on august first this year
Lyric Taylor: what
Me: we start school on august 1
Lyric Taylor: nnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Me: yes. sadly. but we get two weeks for every break.
Lyric Taylor: cool.......... i feel fat right now
Me: why do u feel fat? cuz ur pregnant?
Lyric Taylor: yes
Me: well, that would answer some things. another reason u don't need to be out partying
Lyric Taylor: but i want to be
Me: You are 14 and freakin' pregnant. You're staying at home
Lyric Taylor: but i can still have people over, if mom was at work
Me: don't plan anything or i will tell ur mother.
Lyric Taylor: to late
Me: what have you done?
Lyric Taylor: i cant tell u or u would tell mom
Me: i promise not to if u tell me, but if u dont tell me what, i'll tell her that ur planning something and that i don't know specifics
Lyric Taylor: im still not telling u itd a secret
Me: fine then i'll text her rite now
Lyric Taylor: fine text her
Me: fine then. you'll get grounded like ur cousinds
Lyric Taylor: im all ready grounded
Me: for getting pregnant?
Lyric Taylor: yes
Me: no wonder. you are the rebellious teen. is that what gave u the idea to get pregnant?
Lyric Taylor: i did not have the idea for that it just happen
Me: with?
Lyric Taylor: someone
Me: which is?
Lyric Taylor: a person
Me: which person
Lyric Taylor: a guy i know
Me: elijah?
Lyric Taylor: no, dont say that name
Me: fine then. tell me who
Lyric Taylor: i cant say
Me: tell or i will say his name again
Lyric Taylor: please dont
Me: then tell me
Lyric Taylor: fine... i dont know his name
Me: wth???
Lyric Taylor: it was a summer love and we bumped in to ecother and well
Me: i thought u said u knew who it was, lyric!!!
Lyric Taylor: no... well i just dont know his name
Me: yes u do
Lyric Taylor: i dont
Me: yes. u. do.
Lyric Taylor: lets stop talking about that...
Me: fine then. what do u want to talk about?
Lyric Taylor: im eating pickle chips and drinking mio right out of the bottle
Me: i like mio, bit it's not supposed to come out of the bottle. i don't object to the pickle chips. and is that good for bentley?
Lyric Taylor: no not really. i have to go
Me: kay bye.

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