Paint the Sky

Riva Artemis Cartier

Age:11 at first.

Hair:Messy short black hair.

Eyes:Dark shiny Violet.

Artemis is an 11 year old girl that loves to paint. But a tragic accident leaves her blind, and unable to work on her beautiful artwork. During the summer though, she gets a letter from a school she has never heard of before. Her aunt tells her about her past. Artemis is surprised to find out that she, is a witch.

Chapter 1

The Strange Letter

I was walking down the sidewalk, tapping it with my long metal white cane. I was humming my favorite song, Someday by Nickelback, when all of a sudden, something large and thick hit the top of my head.I stopped moving and grabbed the thing with my left hand before it fell to the wet pavement. I slipped it into my satchel and started walking again.
I soon got to my house on Little Haven street in London. I got to the door, and grabbed the door knob. But I felt paper on it. I grabbed the paper and placed my hand on it. It was a note in Braille.
"Dear Art,
I am going to the city for some groceries. Will be back soon! Lunch is on the kitchen table. Don't let Jak eat the vegetables again.
Aunt J.
"Ugh, I'm stuck in this stupid house alone with a German Shepherd again. Great. It's like he's the only family I have."I said out loud to myself. I took out the keys from my satchel, and opened the house. I walked in, and closed the door. Right when I was about to go to the couch and sit down, the large German Shepherd pounced! "Jak! Stop that! It tickles you dumb dog!" I said through fits of laughter. Jak didn't listen, and kept licking my face. I got a hold of his thick Maroon collar and started pushing him away from my face. I got him off of me and stood up. I grabbed the side of the couch and walked over to sit on it.

I fell onto it, and just sat there for a moment. Then I remembered the thing that flew onto my head. I grabbed my satchel, and went through it with my hand until I found the heavy little object. I held it in my hands for a few seconds, then I thought of what it was. "It must be a letter! But why did it fall from the sky?"I asked myself out loud. I then heard Jak sniff the letter and whine at it. "What are you whining for? It's not for you Jak."I told him while petting his large head.
After a few hours of eating and reading Braille, I heard a motor of a car get nearer to the driveway. "Hey Jak, Aunt Jayde is here."I said to the sleepy German Shepherd. He yawned, and walked over to the door. I always knew when he walked over to it because of his paws making noises. I heard the door open and close, taps of heels, and a bark.
"Oh Jak! Get off!"said the voice of my aunt Jayde. "Oh Art! How was your day dear?"she asked me. "It was good I guess. I have something I need you to read for me though."I answered while taking the bulky letter from my satchel. I heard her walk towards me, and I handed her the letter. I heard her open the letter, stay there reading for a few moments, and then I heard her turn the letter around a couple of times. "Oh my word....."she whispered quietly. "What? What does the letter say? Who is it for?"I asked, wondering what she had read. I felt my aunt sit next to me, and take my hand in hers. "Artemis dear, it's for you. But I didn't think you'd get into Hogwarts, because of your disability."she said quietly, her voice filled with astonishment. "Hogwarts? What's Hogwarts?" I asked. "Hogwarts is a school. A magical school were witches and wizards learn how to use and control their powers." she replied. I laughed at her words. "Magic!? Witches and wizards!? Please, that stuff doesn't exist!" "Yes it does Artemis. I just never told you because of what happened to your parents. And, because you hadn't shown signs of being a witch. Until last year though..."

My aunt Jayde then told me all about my parents. My mum was a witch, and my dad was part wizard. She then told me all about the strange things I made happen last year, and it being magic. She explained everything to me.

"So, that means I'm a witch?"I said finally after she finished. "Yes dear, your a Half-Blood. That's what your blood statues is." "Wow......

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