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Chapter 1

Its always the innocent :(

One of my very good friends from school went to a party, she got drunk............ and her boyfriend who was also drunk was driving home. She was in the passenger seat and some of her other friends were in the back. Everyone in that car was drunk except for one of them (lets call him Joe). My friend's boyfriend was speeding and he took a turn to fast and they rolled the car.

Joe died on impact. :'(

My friend is currently in the hospital in intensive care. I know it was her decision to drink but I still want her to live.

We all love and miss Joe dearly. Every one who was in that car that is still living is in the hospital. :(

I wonder why the people who didnt/dont drink and are in the car crash always (not always but most of the time) die, and the people who are drunk survive.

Love you Joe

From a friend

Brie DX


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