Reasons why my life is awful..

Chapter 1

Ranting like always.

Hi there.
How are you?
That's good...
Oh me?
Oh me...
Well, I just tried for the bajillionth time for Starkid tickets in new York, because they're awesome, and added another date...
But they sold out in less then a second.
So. How do you think I am?
Gosh, I'm mad. Less then a second, I swear! ITS CRAZY!
Bright side:
I'm not the only Starkid at my school! I met this girl named Jordan, here's how our meeting went (M means me, J means Jordan):
J: Nice jacket.
M: Oh thanks. OH THANKS! Wait- are you a starkid?
J: Yeah! A very potter musical!
M: SHUT UP! I thought I was the only Starkid at this school, In Pennsylvania for that matter!
J: I thought I was too! This is awesome! We should go to Pigfarts now!
M: OH MY GOSH, You know Pigfarts! You're awesome!
J: Totally awesome, you mean! Did you see Starship?
M: DID I SEE STARSHIP! HECK YA! Do you know all there names and stuff?
J: Darren Criss, obviously, Lauren Lopez, she's my favorite! And Joe Walker, Voldemort!
M: Who's your favorite?
J: I love Lauren, she's an awesome actor!
M: Im probably with you there, but I love Joe Walker to death, and Meredith Stepian, she's so funny!
J: Who's Meredith Stepian?

Widisjkoalz snalaodjdnm.... I had to explain every single person OTHER then Darren, Lauren & Joe to her. And she thought Tyler Brunsman is gay.
Well. At least I could share Starkid with someone.... Who hasn't even seen MAMD and didn't know Joe was Up in starship. BUT, I'm not complaining... But she is sorta annoying >_>

Ranting = Over :)
Have a nice day, kiddos.


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