The Truth Behind the Videos....

Group story! We'll be taking Youtube videos and making up stories about them.

Chapter 1

The Dangers of Being a Hand

Hello, I'm Herbert. I'm a Hand. No, that is not a typo. Me, my family, and everyone I've ever met are Hands. We are a very intelligent species, despite the lack of a large brain. The original Hands came from stabbing victims, Live ones that were killed by being stabbed. Some of the original Hands got eaten by the Llamas, our dreaded enemies. The others escaped the Llamas and have been living in these Hand colonies ever since.

The whole thing with the Llamas started with one Llamas in particular -- Carl. He decided to surprise his roommate one night by stabbing a man and eating his hands. Now, this has been all over the Internet. Those "Llamas With Hats" videos have made it into something that is laughed at, something that is believed to be made-up. Let me tell you, it's not. It is very real to the Hands.

Ever since Carl, Llamas have been after the Hands. The original Hands are supposed to be the tastiest, and are the most sought after. We other Hands aren't as tasty, but the Llamas take what they get. We were brought by the Vultures, which are kinda what the Storks are to the Live ones. I came to my parents by Vulture about seven years ago. Every Hand year is equal to about three Live years, so that means I'm twenty something in Live terms. I spent my first six years in peace -- our colony was safe. But it has been far from peaceful these last few years....

We had a snitch in our colony. The Hand that we trusted the most, Preacher Harvey, betrayed us to the Llamas, And not just any old Llamas, either -- Carl's Carnivorous Clan, the worst group ever. And they came after us on Hannah Night.

Hannah Night is a night that all us Hands in this colony come together to celebrate our founder, Hannah. Yeah, just Hannah. We don't really do last names around here. Anyway, we were just lounging around the bonfire when all of the sudden there was something trying to put it out! We looked up and there was the CCC, spitting on it! We all ran in terror. A few Hands were caught and put in cages. Some other fell into the still sizzling fire and were eaten. The rest escaped and hid near the ocean, the mountains, wherever they thought the CCC wouldn't find them....til later. They hunted every single Hand down -- except for me. I was hidden in a cave in the mountains, and I watched my family be taken. I made no noise. I didn't want to get caught. There wasn't anything I could do, anyway. My cave wasn't searched, since the mouth was well hidden. My father had shoved me in there when we heard the Llamas coming. He put me before himself. I was touched.

The Llamas ended up leaving soon after they put my mother in one of those dratted cages. I watched them go and did not move until I was sure they were gone.I have spent my life as a nomad, moving from place to place, hunting the CCC as they hunted me. I am getting old, but I vow that I am not going down without Carl going with me.

A week later Herbert found the CCC's camp. He succeeded in killing Carl and did indeed die in the process. Every Hand colony now celebrates Herbert Day/Night. We wish Herbert a happy afterlife


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