My deepest darkest secrets. Real this time. (I lied on some on the other one) 100% true this time.

It's true this time. I promise. No. I swear on the River Styx.

Chapter 1

100% true.

Ok, this time it's real! I swear on the River Styx. Trust me. Please.

1. I'm 17. But, I can be whatever age I want! I choose 10!
2. I am actully living with a family. With my real dad. Real mom. And a fake brother, who is 8. And very annoying.
3. I'm emo, and my family doesn't even know! Or care!
4. I'm a spy for Kronos(I was high on candy ok!) But I really just rip up his battle plans, and savatage him. IM STILL GOOD!
5. My name is really is Cady. Or is it? Ok fine. It's Daina. No kidding I'm serious. I swear on the River Styx. Daina. I prefer C. Or cady. Call me C. Or Daina. IDC.

So, it's real this time! 100% true. If you don't believe IDC. Just don't comment. It's true. Now the world knows. I'm serious about my name.

Neare, it's true! I promise!

So.. If you don't believe me, don't comment, save both our energy. So BYE!!!!! Peace! C out!!!


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