Lovestruck Draco malfoy story

Its about Bambi a hogwarts seventh year and Draco. Da short chatpers were enoyng me soz im moving everything over hear!!

Chapter 3

by: Danni__
AN;Thanks 4 da good comemts and messages!Thanks to Hayley 4 help in!! Fac off you emos hu r leavin bad comments!!!!!!!!

I woke up in my dom. Candi nd my best gay guy frend Ron was thier. Ron had died his hair blond ad is wearing dark blue skinniys and a pink tank top and a white scarf an Candi was wearing a low cit see-throu toop and a short pleeted skirt.

"Dabami!!!!! he yellyd "Ur awkae!!!!"
"Wat happend?" I asked confused
"Jams potter tryd to kill u!!" Candi said
"Nd he has draco!!" Ron abbed "He leftd this not."

Dear Bambi

I have ur boyfriend, met me @ midnight 2nite in the forbidden forest or he dies.

Love James

"o no!!!111' i cied

Then Candi and roon said"Bye wer goin 2 get breekfas with Sedrict!" and left.

I got changed in2 mini shorts and a cropped shirt and then painted my nails pink wile waiting 4 midinight.

@ 11 i started looking for my riffle so i could shoot jmes and when i fond it i put da bullets in.By 5 2 12 i was ready to go.

The foreboding forost is creepy i want 2 go bak but i must save Draco. I screamd when a tree brunch fell on me cuting my leg open.

I walked in2 a cave that was infront of me nd James was ther wit Draco. i ran 2 draco nd tryd 2 untie him."STOP!"James yeled pickin me up and pullin me away from my rifle nd draco. "Eeeeeeeep!"i screamed.
"OMFG I'm sorry i didnt mean 2 hurt u."James said sadly while he tyed me up.

Studiedly.............................Voldemorcet appeared!!

"Well done James" Vodermort said clapping "Now kill her"

James looked scared"I cant" he siad
"Why not voldermort saidbac
"Because I love her!!"James said

I gasped.

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