Lovestruck Draco malfoy story

Its about Bambi a hogwarts seventh year and Draco. Da short chatpers were enoyng me soz im moving everything over hear!!

Chapter 2

by: Danni__
AN: I want commonts!!Tnx 2 all da ppl hu vooted:)

Darko was in da greet hsl alredddy wearing a MCR t0shirt nd blck skinny jeans wih hs frenf blaze. Blaze was jst s hawt as dracoe. Wee walker 2 da place whet da concert was goon 2 b.

the covert was fill of poser emus and goths nd dey wer all wring blac butt i hd fuun. Drako nd I went strait 2 da moshpit and sow danced .Candi nd Blaze disapppred in2 the crowd.

Billie Armstrong song helena as drakco nd i dnced nd den.... Drakoe kissed meep !!!The concert fishesd nd we went bac to hoowarts.

Az we wlked thro da door sum1 grapped draco!!

"AHHHHH!111!!!" DRAKO shootyd!

I followed them swexily and the eprson tht grabped him was...James Potter!!

"J`ms?" I yeilded. "OMFG wat da hel r u doin her? I THUHT U WER DED!"

Jams lafed an evul laf. "Ha ha ha" he lafed, lafing. "Ha ha ha. U dont understn,d, Bambi. U c... I m wrkin 4 Vldomrt!`"

"O Noooo!" I shootyd.

Jame shooted me with a spell amd I fainted.....

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