Fans Without The Fiction.

Just had a appiffny. Just kidding. I actullay thought of this while eating some Waffles. Waffles: Food of the wise. Hey! I thought of my next story ^.^

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: My Group.

Who was in the top rankings? Jareth's forehead started to sweat, like it always did when he was hopeful and jittery inside. He finally had scrolled down to the bottom of the page, moved the mouse to the right, clicked on top 5 users, and closed his eyes.
1. Basilen_Enternian Forest
2. Wertin_ Gauldin
3. Zentius_ Corbayn
4. Kur_ Trench of the Village
5. Wiziwg_ Gauldin

Jareth's eye's went big, a smile spread across his face. "Dad! Dad!" He shouted. "I got 3rd dad! Zentius got 3rd!" He knew for a fact his dad didn't care, but oh well.

Zentius was Jareth's character in the amazing computer game, Enticing: World of the gods.

Then a little star popped up by his message box, he clicked on it, smiling as if Christmas was tomorrow. He read the message from
"Congratulations, You have been ranked in the top 5 out of 46,884,390. There is a ceremony in ******* ** **** ***(note: I didnt know where to put this but all locations are gunna be starred)
"You will be your character, dress up as him/her. It starts at 4:15. Hope to see you soon!"
Jareth almost fainted. He ran down the hall and into the living room. "Dad! I'm going to *****! I'll be back in three days!" He shouted his dad shrugged and said "Don't forget your toothbrush."
Jareth was so happy he started putting his costume together immidiatly. Because ******* was only a couple miles away. He could borrow his dads truck (he had four of them) and be there in about 20 minutes! He didn't know that everything was going to go wrong


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