Ipod Shuffle Game

Chapter 1

hahaha wow

1.How Are You Feeling Today?- Gears of War/Megadeath (maybe yesterday)

2.Will I get Far In Life? - Closer/NIN (roflmao if u havent heard tht song listen to it and ull c y its hilarious)

3.What Is my Best Friend's Theme Song?- Wish You Were Here/Incubus (not really)

4. What is/Was High School Like?- Partyman/Prince (........)

5.What is The Best Thing About Me?-Another Brick in the Wall/Pink Floyd(?)

6.How Was Yesterday?- War Ensemble/Slayer(SO true)

7.What is my Love Life Like?- Victor's Piano Solo/Corpse Bride(suree?)

8.What will my Parents Say To me?- Through the Fire and Flames/ Dragonforce(really will they?)

9.What Song Will They Play On My Funeral?- Weak and Powerless/ A Perfect Circle (well then)

10.How Does The World See Me?- Abuse of SID/HURT (really?!?!?)

11. What do My Friends Really Think Of Me?-Just Stop/Disturbed (XD)

12.What is the World Keeping a Secret Of Me?-Lacrymosa/Evanescence(?)

13. How Do I make Myself Happy?- Panic Prone/Chevelle (luv tht song)

14.What Should I Do With My Life?- Last Resort/Papa Roach (is that really good advice?)

15.Will I Have Children?-The Hampster Dance Song(i dont no how this got on my ipod....)

16. What is Good Advice?- Testify/Rage Against the Machine(i guess?)

17.What does everyone Else Think Of My Current life?- Ruiner/NIN(well)

18.What Type Of Men Do I like?- FUN song/ Spongebob (LMAOOO)

19.Where Will I Live?- Forgotten/Linkin Park (wow thats depressing)

20.What Will My Dying Words Be?-Well/HURT (it IS about dying-check out this song i LOVE it)


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