Nothings More Charming Than a Redhead

Group story with rockymay

Chapter 1

The Train

character info
Name: Hayley Capello
Looks: metamorphmagus
age: same as twins
personality: crazy, energetic, prankster

Name: Cleopatra (Cleo) Livia Ann Johnson
Hair: Long dark brown, with an auburn tint to it
Eyes: Green/Brown/golden flecks/with a dark blue rim all the way around iris height: 5ft 7in
age: same age as twins
Personality: Nice, Caring, Funny, great friend of the twins, practically their sister, smart but not a nerd, sticks up for anybody in need, Gryffindor, Scary when she wants to be, mess with her and you will end up in the hospital wing in a second flat
Ex: Likes Fred,parents are deatheaters that abused then abandoned her, has Minor ADHD, and LOVES sugar. Very Pretty but doesnt think so herself

I'm going back to Hogwarts. I'm in my third year now and I ran through the platform looking for my two red-head friends and Cleo. I was about to put my stuff on the train when two people enveloped me in a bone crushing hug.
"Fred, George! Cant- Breath!" They let me.
"How did you know it was us?" George asked.
"I've learned over the years." I scrunched up my face and turned my hair as red as theirs.
"You do that everytime you see us Hay." Fred said putting his trunk on the train.
"I know. I like your guys hair color. I dont know why but I do."
We walked onto the train and found a compartment.
"Where's Cleo?" I asked looking out the compartment for a sign of her.
"I dont know. Ill go look for her." Fred walked out of the compartment.
"So how have you been Hayley?" George asked sitting next to me. His hand brushed against mine. My eyes went pink. Wait what, i thought, why pink hes my friend.
"I've been good. How about you?"
"Good. Why are your eyes pink?"
"Not sure really."
Fred came in followed by Cleo. I ran over and hugged her. We sat and talked about our summers. When we finished two girls walked in.
"Do you mind if we sit here? Everywhere else is full." The Auburn girl asked.
We nodded and they sat down.
"Im Jillian." The auburn said.
"And I'm Amari." We shook their hands and introduced ourselves. I changed my hair to blonde and the two girls looked at me in shock.
"I'm a metamorphmagus. I love changing my appearance." They asked me to change my appearance the rest of the way to Hogwarts.

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