It's Nothing Personal

Hey!! I want atleast ten comments for the next chapter. :) enjoy!!

Chapter 1

Six Million

The police sirens behind me seemed to be getting louder. I looked through my rear view mirror and saw the were gaining on me.

"Arabelle, They're gaining speed hurry up and loose them!" Jason screamed from the passenger seat.

"Shut the **** up I just got you out of jail i can send you back." I yelled back.

"Ugh I knew i should've driven. Never send a woman to do a job only a man can ****** do."

I smirk and step on gas and gain more speed. They were left behind. I took a left then a right trying to loose the four police cars behind me. The streets of downtown New York were packed with people some were getting hurt because of me. Ask me if i give ****. I don't.

Taking one last turn i got in the high way.

"We lost them. Happy?"

He looked at me with a sarcastic smile.


"Oh shut up you should be ******* thanking me."

"Whatever. Where we heading?"

"Hmm I'm thinking LA. Someone has a job for us."

"What kinda job?"

"I haven't gotten any details but we're gonna need the team."

"Yeah like those ******* are gonna want to work with us."

"its a big job, Jason. Their paying well too. But we can't do it alone."

"How much?"

"6 million."

"Between you and me?"

"Nope. For each of us."

"Damn. . . Okay lets try to get them."

"Yeah that's the thing. I don't even know where half of them are."

"Jadiel's in Atlanta."

"Jennifer's in Texas."

"Chanelle is in Florida."

"Last time i checked Kristian's in New Jersey."

"That was three months ago he's in Connecticut now."

"Well then we should go there first it closer. The Atlanta, Florida, then Texas." I said.

"We're getting the band back together."

"Guess we are."

"Are you ****** kidding me right now?" Kristian seemed pissed.

"Um nice car." I said. He's always been a softie for cars. Calms him down.

"Thanks its a RS60 Spyder sexy car huh? Oh no no no i know what your doing Arabelle and its not gonna work I'm not taking a job with you guys." I saw him walk back in the garage. This dude has an obsession with cars.

"It's a six million dollar job." Jason cut in.

Kris stopped walking. He turned around slowly.

"S-Six million?"

I nodded.

"Okay. . . I'm in."


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