Friend or foe? (A HP group love story)

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Chapter 1

Ambers pov!:)

"... If you don't get up you don't get up, mum says you can't go to where ever your going," My little brother Frankie said standing over my bed. I groaned and rushed out of bed, gesturing him to leave my room. I got dressed, grabbed my suitcase and ran down the stairs.
"That must be a world record for Amber!" said my mum, Rose. I rolled my eyes playfully and sat down at the table. Mum was making breakfast, dad was leaving for work and Frankie was playing with our dog Rockie. Seemed like a normal family morning- not!
Mum was using magic to pour out all the cereals for us, dad works at the ministry and stuff were flying around Frankie, who was only ten and would be starting Hogwarts this year.
"Can't wait to get him a wand, won't have to worry about broking vases and glasses anymore!" my mother said cheerily.
"When are you going to Diagon alley?" I asked taking the bowl that flew in mid air towards me.
"Frankie! Sit down and eat your breakfast... And we'll be going on Sunday, we would go on the Saturday but London City is always so busy then," she replied. I agreed and ate down the cereal as fast as I could. I just wanted to see hermione, Harry and Ron again! We were going to Grimmauld place and staying there for the rest of summer. Only thing was, I have to wait until nymphadora Tonks gets here to bring me there. She should be here any minute.
Just on time, Tonks apperated into our kitchen smiling as usual. She had pink wavy hair on her today. She was a metamorphugus(Sp?), which ment she could change into anything she wanted!
"Ready Amb?" she aske me. I grabbed my suitcase and gave my mum and Frankie a goodbye hug.
"Be good for Molley! Okay?" my mum warned me. I smiled.
"Aren't I always good?" I said sarcastically. My mother scoffed and gave me one of her looks. "Fine. I promise I'll be good! Bye!"
I gave them a wave before there was another loud pop and I felt like I was being sucked through a very tight tube. Breathless my feet touched the ground again.
"I never get use to that," tonks sighed guiding me towards a house. They were attached houses, but the odd thing was, only number 11 and 13 were there, they skipped number 12. Or so muggles thought. Slowly before my eyes, a house began to emerge between the two houses. The house was of coarse number 12 Grimmauld place. Sirius's house.
"Welcome to Headquaters!" said tonks bringing me up inside. I smiled, it was a lovely house. I jumped when tonks knocked something and one of the paintings on the wall began to scream.
"Oh for heavens sake! Who set her off? Oh! Amber! It's good to see you!" molly said flicking her wand and the painting was placed behind two curtains. She came over and gave me a big hug. Ron's upstairs, Hermione and Harry haven't arrived yet, Hermione should be here tomorrow or in the next couple of days. You should go up to Ron, second door on the left," she said pointing up stairs. I shrugged and made my way upstairs. The house was so old and yet so fascinating.
"Amber!" I was pulled into a suprise hug. I lauded when I realised it was Ron and hugged him back. "How're you?" he asked pulling away.
"Grand now! We're getting Frankie ready for Hogwarts!" I told him. He smiled.
"Oh ya! Can't wait to see him in school uniform," Ron joked.
"What about you?" I asked him.
"I've been good, mums been making me, Fred, Ginny and George clean up the house a lot though! That hasn't been much fun," he sighed. "Ginny's been nagging me all summer long, she's telling me how to clean stuff?" he exclaimed leading me down the hall to where I would be staying.
"I heard that!" ginny snapper emerging from her room. She ran over and gave me a hug. "It's finally great to have another girl my age in the house! Mums been so annoying and bossy!"
"Tell me about it!" Ron said. We laughed and I placed my stuff in Ginny's room.
"So, have you been talking to Harry?" I aske them.
"Er, we haven't really. Not much anyway, you see, Dumbledore won't let us say much to him at all. He reckons the less he knows, the less danger he's in," Ginny replied looking giulty, so did Ron.
"But, why shouldn't Harry know? He had to see cedric die last year? He saw he who must not be named return! Don't you think he has a bit of a right to know?" I said annoyed. Why would they leave Harry out of this.
"Look, don't give out to us, we're just doing what Dumbledore is telling us to do, give out to him when he comes here!" Ron said calming me down.
"Sorry guys! I didn't mean to give out to ye, I just think it's a stupid idea... Harry won't be too pleased when he finds out. Will he?"
The screaming portrait went off again.
"That'll be Casandra!"

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