You've Got the Love (Fred and George Love Story)

This is a group story with fredandgeorgeluvr. Hope you enjoy it. :)

Chapter 5

Ohh Look a Flying Monkey

Such a rude awakening this morning. A bunch of loud people and Megan's sleep does not go well. It ends up with people getting a air horn in their ears.
Then, the twins come up into the dorm and wake us up. Fred sat on Megans bed, who got mad cause he took her pillow off her head. George sat down at the foot of my bed, after taking my pillow out from underneath me and hitting me with it.
I sat up, took my pillow from George, hit him with it and saw Megan with her head on Freds lap. George asked us if we were going to potions, which I answered nope, putting my head back on my pillow and closed my eyes.
I tried to fall asleep again but it was hard 'cause George kept poking me.
Megan who was craving bacon made a plate of bacon appear into the room. I got up feeling hunger sweep over me and tried to take a piece but she slapped my hand.
I was about to say that I felt abused (jokingly of course) when a boy with dreadlocks came in saying Megan stole his bacon and introduced himself as Lee.
We got up and ready for transfiguration. Megan began getting her hunger for bacon again.
"If you eat any more bacin Megan you might just have a heart attack!" I joked.
"Oh please. I have bacon every day."
After classes we all went to the kitchens and got some pumpkin juice. It was amazing. I came from a muggle family so I never had things like this until I came here.
I looked into my pocket and found just what we needed when we entered the common room. We all poured a cup of pumpkin juice and I took the vial from my pocket and nudged Megan.
She smiled and nodded. I took the one chance when the three boys werent looking to pour a drop into their juice. They all then took a sip of their juice and me and Megan laughed as their hair turned all the colors of the rainbow. It kept going like that.
"Whats so funny?" George asked.
"Take a look in the mirror." Me and Megan said at the same time.
They all jumped up and looked at the mirror above the fireplace. They looked at each other and then at me and Megan.
"Hey guys! Ohh look a flying monkey!" I said pointing the the dorms. "RUNNNNNN!!!!" I yelled to Megan. We ran out of the common room and out onto the grounds.
I may be short by I can run fast. Good thing too. The twins were fast. Probably 'cause they have long legs.
They caught up to us and nearly knocked us down as they tackled us.
Fred caught Megan and George caught me. When he got me I had a vision.
It seemed about 2 years later. Me, Megan, Lee and the twins were here at Hogwarts sitting under the tree by the lake. Just talking and laughing.
I smiled to my self as the vision ended. I looked up at George who still had a hold of me and a scared expression on his face.
"What just happened!?!?!?!?" He asked.
"I'm a seer. I thought I told all of you that?"
"No I think that was just me." Megan said.
"A seer? How though? I've never heard of a muggleborn seer." Fred said.
"Apparently I'm the first. According to Dumbledore."
"Anyway, nice prank. How long is this supposed to last?" George asked.
"Until midnight. Its not great yet. My first try."

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