You've Got the Love (Fred and George Love Story)

This is a group story with fredandgeorgeluvr. Hope you enjoy it. :)

Chapter 3

New Friends

I was sharing a dorm with Megan, a girl named Angelina and Alicia. We were becoming good friends.
The next day we started classes. The twins never payed attention really. However, they kept me and Megan laughing. Once in potions we had to try and keep them from being loud.
"Guys shut up before you get in trouble!" I whisper yelled to them.
"Oh calm down. Snapes just a greasy git." Fred said.
I made sure Snape wsant looking and turned to them, "As funny as that is, you two are seriously gonna get in trouble."
"Theyre no the only ones. Ms. Capello would you like to share what you were saying to the class."
I muttered, "No." and looked down at my desk.
After class I went up to the twins and slapped both of them on the arms. "You guys are jerks."
"Ahh but you like us."
"Yup." George said. They both put an arm around me and hugged me.
When I went to sleep that night I thought about me new friends. Megan, Fred and George.

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