You've Got the Love (Fred and George Love Story)

This is a group story with fredandgeorgeluvr. Hope you enjoy it. :)

Chapter 2


"When i call your name you will come up here so we figure out were you ought' to be" An old lady said
Someone,someone,someone,someone,OOH,nevermind. Tricked ya didnt i?
"Capello,Hayley" The lady called
The lady put the hat on Hayley.
"GRYFFINDOR!" It called
"Lewis,Megan" The lady called
I walked up to the hat.
"Hmm.....i could put you in Ravenclaw......" Said the hat
"When did i become smart?" I asked
"Good point,good point,GRYFFINDOR!" It exclaimed
I got up and while i was walking a tripped over a podium.
"Well Mr.Lewis,it looks as if you sister i even more clumsy then you are" An old man said looking towards my brother
"Smooth." My brother whispered to me as i went to sit next to Hayley
"Shut it Scott" I said
I sat down next to Hayley and put my head on the table.
Fred and George got into Gryffindor too.

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