Sad But True About Desserts

Ice Creamy Cream!!!!
I Love Ice Creamy Cream!!!!
You Gotta Eat While Ya Got It!!!
Cuz It's So Yummy In Your Tummy!!!!
I Say Ice Creamy Cream!!!!!

xP My Ice Cream Rap

Chapter 2

Cookies........ kinda the same as ice cream, but its a cookie!

Okay, so with a cookie its obviously not like ice cream. Besides it being mummy :D

1. When you have a cookie, you can't help eating them. They're to yummy!!! Curse you cookies....

2. When you eat 1 cookie, and there's still more on the box, you grab another....then thing, the box is gone. Then you cry.....cuz they were soooooooo nummy.

3. If your at the store, and there are cookies, I have a plan foe you. If you parent says you can't have any cookies, start bawling in the store where you stand. Then you cause such a seen that they buy the cookies. And as soon as you get the cookies, you skip off and smile. U like? :7

4. Say you have a tub of cookie dough to make a bunch of cookies. And since cookie dough is so nummy, you eat some. Then you eat some more. Next, tubs gone. So, now you don't get no cookies and you're probably gonna be sick. xP

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