Sad But True About Desserts

Ice Creamy Cream!!!!
I Love Ice Creamy Cream!!!!
You Gotta Eat While Ya Got It!!!
Cuz It's So Yummy In Your Tummy!!!!
I Say Ice Creamy Cream!!!!!

xP My Ice Cream Rap

Chapter 1

melted..... :(

1. Okay, so ya know when your ice cream melts and then your all sad? But you eat it anyway? Just can't help it :P
2. When you get a box of ice cream and your soooooooo happy, you think you could die, but then you eat the whole box after a break up or when your really boored, and then you just stare at the empty box and cry, thinkin, NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! IT'S GOONE! !!!!!! WHYYYY!!??!!??!??

Just saying xDDD

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