My Secrets :3

I Wanted To Do This For Some Reason

Chapter 1

My Secrets :P

1. I Still Laugh At Cartoons c:

2. I Try To Hold Onto My Childhood Innocence :\

3.Music Keeps Me Sane c:

4. Sometimes I Lie In Bed And Think Until I Drift To Sleep :p Or Cry Myself To Sleep

5.Im Always Alone :\

6. Im Scared Of Being Broken Again :/

7. We'll Write A Song That Turns Out The Lights,When Both Boy And Girl Start Suddenly Shaking Inside.Dont Waste Your Time.Speed Up Your Breathing,Just Close Your Eyes,We'll Hope Its Not For Nothing At All. ----> That Is My Favorite Love Chrous ^_^ Can You Guess What Song?

8. I Try To Not Hurt People And I Try To Please Everyone Even Though Thats Impossible

9.I Have A Low Dose Of Depression..Whatever That Is :P Ha

10.I Know Im A Bad Influence :o I Do Stuipd Shiit,I Do Have Goals But Right Now Im Just Living My Life c:

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