Got To Be There: A Michael Jackson Love Story

Chapter 1

The First Day Of School

August 15, 1975 6:45 am:
"Lourdes! Lourdes get up!!" my older sister Robyn yelled tapping my shoulder.
"Nooo!" I moaned, putting a pillow over my head.
"GET UP!! It's your first day of 11th grade at Cal Prep!!" she said excitedly.
I shot up. "Oh yeah!" I said as I jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom to brush my teeth.
"We are going to Cal Prep! Do you know what celebrities go there?" she asked.
"I don't k-" I was cut off by older sister Stephanie.
"Marlon Brando, The Jacksons, The Osmonds, Diana Ross' children, and other celebrities. Including us. The fantastic Mills sisters!" she said plopping herself down on my bed.
"The Jacksons?" I said poking my head out of my closet.
"Yep! You know Michael, Marlon, Tito, Jermaine, Jackie, and Randy" she said playing with her finger.
"I remember the last time we met" Robyn said.
"Yeah, 1972" I said remembering that day.
"Hey Robyn, which of these bellbottoms should I wear?" I asked hold ing up a pink pair and one that looked like regular jeans.
"Ask Cassie" she said pointing to our 14 year old sister, who was putting on a necklace.
"Cassie, which of these should I wear?" I asked holding up the bellbottoms to her.
"The pink ones" she said pointing to them.
I went in the bathroom to get dressed and 10 minutes later, I came out.
"Whoa!" Cassie yelled.
"I look nerdy huh?" I asked, pushing my glasses back on my nose.
"We need to make a few adjustments." "Cassie said approaching me.
"For starters, take off those nerdy glasses." she said taking them off me and throwing them on the bed.
"Take your hair out of a bun!" she said pulling the hair thing out.
My hair fell down to the middle of my back.
"Robyn, pass me those earrings and Stephanie, you pass me that fedora on my dresser"
Robyn threw her the earrings.
"Put these on!" she said handing them to me.
"These big hoop earrings, I don't think so" I said handing them back to her.
"Oh come on, just where them!" she said putting them on me.
"Fine" I said giving in to her.
After she put on the earrings she put the fedora hat on my head and said "See how pretty you look!"
I went to the mirror and saw a brand new side of myself.
"Wow!" I thought silently. "I didn't think I would look this good"
"The bus is here!" Robyn yelled as she grabbed her backpack.
Cassie and I got our backpacks and ran behind her.
"Bye mommy!" we yelled as we ran out the door.
"Bye amigas!" our mom yelled as we got on the bus.
When we got inside, I saw this guy with an afro surrounded by a bunch of guys.
"Wait is that? Nah" I said to myself.
"Hey Lourdes!" I turned around and saw Randy.
"Hey Randy!" I said giving him a hug.
"Did you see Michael yet?" he asked.
"Nada" I replied sadly.
"He's right there" he said pointing to the guy surrounded by the group of boys.
"Wow" I thought silently.
"I'll go get him" Randy said and ran to the group.
Five minutes later, Randy returned with Michael.
"Hey Lourdes" Michael said shyly.
"Hey Michael" I replied looking down at my feet.
"Is that really the cute little guy I saw three years ago?" I thought to myself.

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