My favorite quotes..

From famous people to my friends,to me to my favorite books,from everywhere my favorite quotes are going into my story now!

Chapter 1

Taylor,Shanise,sistopher and famous peoples

1,000 dead bodies..member that keke?-Taylor

I don't usually try to find trouble,trouble usually finds me.-Harry Potter

You smell goooood.-Me

She's touching my manniquin!-sistopher(Sister)

That kid looks like Justin Beiber...Hmm maybe he's dating selena gomez.-my cousin.

Darn it barbie-Taylor

All things said in the car,stay in the car.-Mom

Little D is going to Mars,look at that spaceship.Oo!By Draco!We won't miss you!-Me

Look at my pinky it's so pink,look at my pinky it's so pink-Shanise

Racist sister!-Joey Ritcher

I killed a bee today.Yeah,me and taylor named him Georgie Fredrickson.Mainly because Addie and I are fred and george,but you know..-Me.

I'll take you up to Winnipeg that's in Canada!-Darren Criss

I laugh randomly Starts cracking up-Shanise

I call that weird elf looking thing!-Lexi
I want Moldywart!-Noor
Ugh!I can't choose any-Oo!Kee give me the pretty girl!-marisa

Kee,where's you thurday ballon sock ball things?-Ali

You go Shan-ise!-Ali

Dreams feel real when we're in them.It's only when you wake up when you actually Strange-Inception

Please don't boo me..-tom felton

I can feel your anger growing inside me-wait a minute time out,time out!-Hutch from Fanboys.

Oh,come here you poo!-Me

Kee,it was you and ali who got all my guy friends to say 'Ham' during the D-word in Last friday Night.I gotta give you some props for that.-Sistopher

Sistopher,Momipher,dadipher,Wow!We're good at adding Pher's to the end of names!-Me

I'm not clumbsy,I'm accident prone-Daniel raddcliffe

I'm going to laugh at your failiure's.-Ali

Dance like brian holden!-Me

Can you move like jagger-Sistopher

There's more than meets the eye-Octomus Prime in transformers

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